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Anthony Rowcliffe & Son
Provender House
Unit B Paddock Wood Distribution Centre
Paddock Wood
TN12 6UU
Tel. 01892 838999
Fax 01892 836585


United Kingdom

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Rowcliffe - The quality cheese and chilled food specialist.
Since 1967, Anthony Rowcliffe have supplied across the UK, some of the finest quality cheeses and fine foods. Please visit us at stand N2627.

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Truffle Gloucester

The cheese has been made in collaboration between two Gloucestershire based artisan food businesses: TruffleHunter, the UK’s market leading truffle product manufacturer and respected cheese maker, ...

Mossy's Yoghurt

Mossy's yoghurt does not contain any artificial colours, thickeners or flavourings. It has a luxurious, smooth, creamy texture that comes from using the secret blend of Mossy's live cultures.

Orange Infused Olive Oil

Deli-cious OnTap oils & Vinegars was founded nearly a decade ago by three friends and self-confessed 'foodies' with an appetite for culinary innovation.

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Aged Cheese | Continental Cheese | Hard Cheese | Sheep's Cheese | Speciality Cheese | Oils – Olive | Olives & Pickles | Vinegars | Yoghurt | Private Label Products

Press Releases:

Jan 25, 2017

Rowcliffe:Innovative New Product Launches!

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Rowcliffe – Innovative New Product launches!
Stand N2627

UK cheese and deli food specialist, Rowcliffe, is excited to be part of the IFE show - as it’s a great platform to launch new innovative products.
The company is a leader in it’s own field and since being established in 1967, has grown to become Britain's foremost importer and distributor of award winning cheeses to the specialist independent trade. At the heart of the business lies a relentless exploration to source and develop new products – in partnership with producers.

Still renowned for its unrivalled selection of quality cheeses, Rowcliffe’s product range now includes award-winning olives, hand chosen charcuterie, farmhouse butters, seafood, oils and vinegars.

During 19th-22nd March, Rowcliffe will be showcasing the delicious Slack-ma-girdle cheese, the new Truffle Gloucester cheese and (exclusive to Rowcliffe) Mossy’s yogurt, Deli-cious On Tap Oils and Vinegars and Italpesto at the IFE.

Slack-ma-Girdle’s name derives from a variety of apples grown regionally. The cheese was developed in 2016, in response to a demand for a less fragrant variety for the warmer months of the year. However, it’s popularity has dictated that it is now made all year round. This soft, almost runny cheese with a natural mouldy rind, has a delicate buttery taste and creamy texture.

Truffle Gloucester cheese has been made in collaboration between two Gloucestershire based artisan food businesses, the UK’s market leading truffle product manufacturer and respected cheese maker, Simon Weaver. A single Gloucester cheese is made using organic milk, before being infused with TruffleHunter’s 100% minced black summer truffles.

Mossy's yoghurt only contains two ingredients besides the bio cultures; milk and sugar. The blending process is the largest part of the secret, and is what gives Mossy's its signature flavour and silky-smooth texture. It’s hard-to-describe taste has been dubbed 'curiously tasty' and the reaction from first-time Mossy's tasters is spectacular; sparking the launch of #MyMossysFace on Twitter.

Deli-cious On Tap Oils and Vinegars
Deli-cious have created a unique concept for retailing oils and vinegars ‘From the Tap’. Inspired by traditional ways of artisan producers, Deli-cious use only natural and quality ingredients. The OnTap retailing system is designed to be customisable and provides customers with a real choice of innovative and quality products.

The quality of any pesto solely relies on the quality of ingredients. Italpesto uses the best available ingredients: fresh leaves of Genoese Basil DOP which arrive daily from the nearby Monte Marcello nature reserve, Italian olive oil, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, Pecorino Romano DOP and Italian pine nuts. Unlike most other pesto available in the UK, Italpesto classic pesto is fresh, not pasteurised thus full of flavour and aroma.

For tastings and more product information, please visit us at Stand N2627.


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About Rowcliffe Ltd –

Rowcliffe was founded in 1967 and its success can be put down to the inspiration and passion of its founder, Anthony Rowcliffe, who pioneered a change in British attitudes to cheese. He began importing speciality cheeses and sourcing from local farmhouse producers and was the first to introduce many the European cheeses into the UK.

Son of the founder and current chairman Tim Rowcliffe, is a leading industry figure. He was a former chairman of the Specialist Cheese Makers Association (SCA), founding corporate member of the Guild of Fine Food Retailers and currently a judge and founding member of the British Cheese Awards.

The company’s expertise in selling British and Continental cheese has also secured prestigious invitations to be represented on judging panels for the British Cheese Awards (BCA), World Cheese Awards (WCA), Great Yorkshire Show, Global Cheese Awards, along with the annual high profile Concours Général cheese judging competition in France.

The team are strategically involved with SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval), BRC (British Retail Consortium) and Organic certifications, as well as directly influencing Government bodies to promote the interests of small producers and retailers.

Anthony Rowcliffe & Son Ltd are at Provender House, Unit B, Paddock Wood Distribution Centre, Paddock Wood, Tonbridge, Kent, TN12 6UU.
T. 01892 838999.

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