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*Dulce de Leche "The taste of Argentina, right here in the UK" Dulce de Leche is the traditional Argentine recipe of simmering milk and sugar, Purest full fat milk from cows that graze freely the argentine Pampas combined with cane sugar. *Yerba Mate, considered to be the national drink of South America, is renowned for its refreshing and revitalising properties. Maté grows naturally in the iron-red soils of Argentina, where some refer to the herbal blend resulting from the leaves as ‘’nature’s most perfect beverage’’ *Tapas para Empanadas: Circles of shortcrust pastry, to make ‘empanadas’ or mini pasties. Offered in packs with dividers for easy separation, they are designed for a variety of savoury fillings, to be sealed into a half moon shape and oven baked or fried. *Chimichurri sauce: is a “must have” in every Argentine Asado. Used as a marinade or spooned on later as a side sauce, its tangy and herby distinctive taste is always associated with the parrilla in Argentina. *Alfajores: Luxurious to look at and delicious to eat. More than just a biscuit – Alfajores are chocolate-coated dreams, and considered to be Argentina’s national ‘cookies’.

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Pastries | Herbal/Fruit Infusions | Sweet Biscuits | Condiments


Building Bridges Ltd.

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