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Light Elderflower Pressé - 330ml can

A light and delicately refreshing drink. Belvoir Light Elderflower Pressé has 30% less sugar than our original recipe and is still bursting with fresh elderflowers and lemon juice.

Light Raspberry Lemonade - 330ml can

A fruity, zesty and naturally light alternative to lemonade. Belvoir Light Raspberry Lemonade has 30% less sugar than our original recipe but is still bursting with real pressed raspberry & lemon j...

Light Orange & Mandarin Pressé - 25cl bottle

Gently bubbling with orange and mandarin juice. With all the taste of pressed orange juice mixed with mandarin juice, but 30% less sugar to give this drink an extra zesty ctus taste. Perfect served...

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Mar 17, 2017

Belvoir Fruit Farms Responds to Changing Consumer Attitudes

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Belvoir Fruit Farms Responds to Changing Consumer Attitudes

The Belvoir Fruit Farms stand - N2700 - will be laden with their latest products for visitors to try including their new range of 25cl ‘Lights’ and non-alcoholic wine-like drinks, Wines Without the Hangover, both developed in response to consumers’ changing attitudes to sugar and alcohol.

Belvoir’s ‘Lights’ range has been available in 75cl bottles since 2014, however the company has now launched three flavours in the 25cl bottles, popular in the hospitality and café sectors, and two in new slimline 330ml cans for on-the-go outlets. The ‘Lights’ range contains 30 per cent less sugar than the classic versions of the Pressés allowing people who love the taste, but who want fewer calories and less sugar, to continue to enjoy drinking them. Like all their drinks, the ‘Lights’ Range is hand made at Belvoir using real pressed fruit juices and freshly picked flowers with no artificial preservatives or sweeteners, so that despite the reduction in sugar there is no sacrifice on flavour or quality.

Elderflower Pressé Light (25cl and 330ml cans): this lighter version of Belvoir’s regular Elderflower Pressé has proved hugely popular in the retail sector where it has been sold in a 75cl bottle for over two years. It is more delicate in taste than the original Pressé but has the same heady, floral aromas of freshly picked Elderflowers, tangy citrus from pressed lemon juice and gentle bubbles – just a little lighter on calories. Elderflower Pressé Light contains 60 calories compared to 100 calories in the same 250ml size serving of original Elderflower Pressé

Raspberry Lemonade Light (25cl and 330ml cans): this mouth-watering tipple still has the zingy taste of real raspberries and lemons but is substantially lighter on calories than the original recipe – a 250ml serving has 55 calories compared to 97 calories.** Raspberry Lemonade Light has also earned its stripes in retail where it has been available for a year in a 75cl bottle.

NEW Orange & Mandarin Pressé Light (25cl): This new flavour is unique to the hospitality sector and offers all the zesty citrus taste of pressed orange juice, mixed with mandarin juice but contains 30 percent less sugar than the previous Organic version, giving it an extra citrussy sharp kick. It’s absolutely perfect served over ice for a refreshingly light thirst-quencher but also sensational mixed with gin or vodka.

Today, one in five adults in the UK no longer drinks alcohol and increasing numbers of consumers are looking for a plausible alternative, unsatisfied with what is currently on offer. Belvoir’s new range of delicious non-alcoholic, wine-like drinks called ‘Without the Hangover’ has been created to fill this gap; a collection of three variants with all the taste, aroma and look of a glass of your favourite wine, designed to recreate the pleasures of consuming wine but minus the associated sore head.

Belvoir has used its expertise in blending fruit juices, flowers and spices to emulate the texture and sensation of drinking wine but without the alcohol, resulting in a range that taste and look more sophisticated and complex than most non-alcoholic wines on the market.

Belvoir Rosé without the Hangover
This non-alcoholic sparkling Rosé contains a carefully balanced blend of rosé, red and white grape juices with raspberry juice and a touch of orange blossom and jasmine extracts. With its clear rose-gold colour and crisp, lively sensation on the tongue, it has a nose of raspberry with a floral hint. Serve chilled, its slightly sweet and fruity Rosé grape flavour combines with a crisp, clean finish making it perfect for a refreshing aperitif

Belvoir Chardonnay without the Hangover
For those who crave a chilled glass of white, reach instead for this non-alcoholic blend of Chardonnay and white grape juices with peach juice and elderflower & jasmine extracts. A pale straw yellow in colour, this drink has a complex, distinctive taste of white grape with a nose of grape and peach and delicate floral undertones. The sweet yet crisp flavour is great paired with chicken, fish or cheese

Belvoir Shiraz without the Hangover
If you favour a more full-bodied red, Belvoir’s non-alcoholic blend of single strength Shiraz red grape juice with elderberry and blackcurrant juices, and a hint of black peppercorn and vanilla extracts, really hits the mark. It has a very ‘grown-up’ taste with a nose of blackcurrant, a touch of vanilla and a semi-sweet fruity flavour with an astringent, slightly mouth drying finish with a hint of spice, typically associated with a Shiraz red wine. Just like the alcoholic variety this rich dark red alcohol- free version slips down nicely with steak or boeuf bourguignon

Also on show on the Belvoir stand will be their full range of 25cl Pressés including the best-selling flavours; Elderflower, Raspberry Lemonade, Ginger Beer, Cox Apple, Lime & Lemongrass and Freshly Squeezed Lemonade. Hugely popular as drinks on their own, these all natural pressés make superb mixers and cocktail ingredients.

Finally, available for tasting will be the newest addition to the Belvoir range, Citrus Chardonnay Pressé. Currently sold in 75cl bottles, this stunning new tipple is made using masses of real Chardonnay grape juice blended with zesty citrus fruit juice and with a touch of lemon thyme for extra complexity. It makes a refreshingly crisp alternative to sparkling white wine and is delicious served chilled on its own, but also makes a mouth-watering mixer or ingredient in a cocktail or virgin cocktail.

All Belvoir’s drinks are hand made on site using all natural ingredients, with no artificial additives, preservatives, colourings or sweeteners. In addition, the Wines Without the Hangover and Citrus Chardonnay Pressé all contain no added sugar.

For more information on all the Belvoir range, visit

For further information about this press release and hi res images, contact:
Sophie Peel at Currant Communications on
or 020 3638 0323/07552 451264

*Office for National Statistics’ Adult Drinking Habits in Great Britain report 2015

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