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Bitspicy Ltd
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United Kingdom

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Bitspicy produces unique spices from around the world, hand-blended & packed in the UK. Available in bulk for chefs, or as single cartons for retail. Also the option of any 4 cartons in boxes or tins for gifts.

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spice cartons

nearly 40 unique hand-blended spice cartons, each with its own recipe card. Indian, South East Asian, African & Mexican

Bitspicy tins

There are 2 Bitspicy tins, both perfect for containing any 4 spice cartons. Available with or without the Mexican/Indian/South-east Asian sleeves

Bitspicy box

A large carton which holds a large bag of any spice blend (300-400g) or 4 standard cartons.

Product Categories:

Spices/Spice kits | Free From – Artificial Ingredients | Free From – Gluten | Free From – Lactose and/or Dairy | Low Fat Foods | Vegetarian / Vegan Foods | Herbs, Spices & Seasonings

Press Releases:

Jan 18, 2017

Bitspicy - the idea behind the spices

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Bitspicy has been many years in the making. Founder Andrew Anderson spent his formative years in Singapore where, unlike the other expats, he went to a local school (the Anglo-Chinese School), had local friends and, possibly most importantly, ate the local food. Returning to the UK for university and, later, work and a family, he carried the memories and occasional recipe back with him. Over the following years he sought the flavours and authenticity he remembered, finally culminating in a website devoted to unique blends & unusual recipes.
Andrew’s travels also took him to Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Indonesia - hence the wide range of really unusual South East Asian blends – followed by a summer in Mexico after university. Tying it all together has been an enduring interest in the regional diets and differing cooking methods of everywhere he has been.
Recently Andrew and his small team have concentrated on tweaking and perfecting the spice blends till they are ready to be let loose on the general public! There is something for everyone: mild, hot, curry, marinades, rubs. All gluten- and dairy-free, they are perfect for vegans (even the ones where they suggest using meat can be used as a delicious vegetable meal – and there is a recipe to guide you!).
The biggest gun in the Bitspicy arsenal is the ‘secret sauce’ recipe. No secret, really, but a fool-proof, labour-saving curry base of onion, garlic, ginger & water (for purists, there is also a South East Asian version using galagal & shallots!). This method ensures your curry uses only fresh ingredients and a feast can be whipped up with the minimum of effort.
Other spice blends don’t need this base. There is a selection suitable for grills and marinades (2 versions of satay, for example) plus a whole range of Mexican blends (hot and mild versions).
Until now Bitspicy has been selling online ( and at selected food festivals and gift fairs. Now they have decided to tap the retail market. Some design add-ons and some lovely new boxes, sleeves & tins provide a selection of ways in which Bitspicy can be sold as an unusual gift or deli treat. But let us remember, this is a quality product with a strong heritage – the flavours speak for themselves!

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