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UK-based manufactured of insulated lining kits, fridge van conversions and stock of new and used ready-converted refrigerated vehicles

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Fridge Vans

Vast range of new and used fridge vans stock with fast delivery times

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Quality assured fridge van conversions carried out in our UK-based manufacturing facilities

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Transport & Logistics

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Jan 11, 2017

Stop/Start Solution For Fridge Van Conversions

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CoolKit keep setting the standards as the industry-leaders for fridge van conversions by sourcing a solution to the latest Start/Stop dilemma on new commercial vans.
The introduction of ‘Economy Drive’ systems into vehicles has meant that more and more vehicles now feature an engine ‘Start/Stop’ system as standard. Although engineered to enhance fuel economy, where vehicles are required for a special operational role such as those used as Police vehicles, the Start/Stop function is not always a desirable feature for fridge van conversions.
It is possible of course to factory order your commercial vehicle specifying no Start/Stop feature, however if the vehicle is already in manufacturing or if you are purchasing a used vehicle this feature will cause issues with the temperature control of the stock being transported. The operator of the fridge van would be responsible for turning off the system every time the van is in use.
Creating a strategic relationship with a specialist company in the industry, CoolKit can exclusively provide an add-on feature to fridge van conversions which assist with the automatic shut-down of the Start/Stop system every time the engine is started.
Many refrigeration transportation companies suffer from the engine cutting out when the vehicle enters Start/Stop mode, which in turn shuts off the power to the temperature controlled storage at the rear of the vehicle. This poses huge problems as these systems require constant power during transportation to keep them at the desired temperature. By installing this newly introduced interface, it completely eradicates the issue and has proven to be a huge success amongst existing customers.
Most Start/Stop systems incorporate a manual override control but the specification for special vehicles may often require the override to be an automatic feature. Most vehicle suppliers are not able to offer this facility as an option.
The interface is designed to automatically disable the ‘Start/Stop’ function on vehicles where this feature is not desired. Each application is designed specifically for a particular vehicle type and provides seamless control over the Start/Stop system.
Each time the vehicle engine is started, the interface automatically disengages the Start/Stop control so that manually overriding the function is not necessary. The Start.Stop function can be re-instated by the driver at any time during the journey as desired but will automatically cancel again the next time the vehicle is started.
With the Euro 6 engine soon to be launched and more initiatives keep emerging for vehicle emissions, the likelihood is that most or all vehicles will soon be specified with a Start/Stop facility as standard.
“CoolKit have gone above and beyond in providing a solution to a major problem we had with the stop start facility on our vehicles”, comments Dave Thomas, Transport Manager at Metrow Foods of Leigh-On-Sea, Essex.
“The service offered throughout on this has been superb. The stop start solution fitted to our vehicles now means we can run the fridge system without the worry of causing any damage to the vehicle itself and the manufacturers invalidating any warranty”.

Jan 11, 2017

Chiller Vans Supplied For Butcher’s Delivery Service

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NACB member Clifton Quality Meats is now offering a next day delivery service throughout the UK using its own fleet of chiller vans supplied by Pye Motors Ford and converted by CoolKit.
CoolKit’s award-winning chiller vans are leading the way in the refrigeration industry for quality and reliability, with benefits such as increased payload capability, load volume, durability and functionality. A unique range of lightweight, insulated lining kits are manufactured in the UK-based workshop using 3D CAD software to exact requirements creating a bespoke refrigeration solution for each conversion. A state-of-the-art CNC machine cuts the insulated panels to size which are then bonded permanently together using in-situ ultra-hard wearing polyurethane sealants.
Dealing through Pye Motors Ford, CoolKit have provided a fleet of Ford Chiller Van Conversions complete with data recording capabilities, ensuring the quality of the produce Clifton Quality Meats delivers at every stop.
CoolKit Sales Director Cameron Javed says: “Offering a delivery service within your butchery can bring numerous advantages, including an increase in customer base.
“Using a chiller van within your business not only meets the stringent regulations for the transport of perishable goods, but also increases your reputation and builds customer trust in the freshness of your meat delivery service. Of course, you also receive increased business awareness by driving around your local community in your own sign-written refrigerated vehicle.
“Our chiller vans are available in a variety of makes, models and sizes, making sure we find the perfect companion for your business requirements without wasting any valuable weight-carrying capacity or load space.”
Tony Sullivan, Transit Centre Team Leader at Pye Motors Ford, which provided the vans for Clifton Quality Meats, says: “I have used CoolKit for all of our conversions for a number of years now. Their service and commitment to our requirements is always paramount and the personal touch makes them easy to deal with.
“I would recommend CoolKit’s services to anyone looking for any kind of refrigeration work. As a main dealer I have tried other companies in the past and I would never look to go anywhere else since using CoolKit.”

Jan 11, 2017

Refrigerated Transport At The NACC Regional Meeting

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CoolKit is sponsoring the North West quarterly networking event for the NACC, providing the attendees with an informative insight into refrigerated transport and the benefits it can bring to a prepared meals delivery service.
The NACC (National Association of Care Catering) is a member organisation managed by an elected National Executive. Members come from all areas of the care catering industry, covering the delivery and production of fresh or frozen meals to residential homes, and for day care for people with disabilities, the elderly or young people.
The quarterly networking event CoolKit is sponsoring will take place on the 16th November 2016 at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester. Our team that will be present on the day will have a speaker slot discussing the importance of high quality refrigeration during food transport and the latest technologies available. To accompany the day’s events, we will also provide a refrigerated vehicle to be displayed at the venue, allowing the visitors to get hands-on experience with our fridge van conversions and witnessed our quality standards for themselves.
CoolKit managing director Rupert Gatty said: “We are really pleased to be sponsoring this event, which promotes best practice in the care catering industry.
“We got involved with the NACC through our customer, Wiltshire Farm Foods of Blackpool, where our contact is the deputy chair for the NACC Northern Section. Our sponsorship of the event is a chance to give something back to an industry sector that provides such great societal benefits.”
As a supplier of Wiltshire Farm Foods Fridge Vans we understand the industry it operates in and the importance of being able to deliver the produces at the correct temperature to the end user. Our attention to details during the initial design stages of a fridge van conversion allows our operations team to install an insulated lining kit which fits perfectly for the entire range of commercial vans make and model we provide. Each conversion is treated as a bespoke solution and designed to suit exact requirements for the customer.
By taking part in this event we have the opportunity to educate an interested audience in what we do and how we do it, and providing them with the chance to speak to our team face to face and gain answers to any questions they may have on refrigerated transport.

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