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Dimitra Food Group
Suite 2
5 Ferry Lane
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United Kingdom

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Dimitra is an exporter of top quality, organic & gourmet food from Greece. We have 30+ product categories with 500+ products on our platform and growing. Being a family business, we're locals in Greece so we hand-pick authentic & best.

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Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Olive Oil from Greece Package: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1l, 5l

Greek Feta

Greek Feta Cheese; Any quantity

Organic Rusks

From Crete, Mixed, wheat, rye, bite-shaped rusks

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Product Categories:

Feta | Baby Food | Oils – Olive | Olives & Pickles | Vinegars | Canned Fish & Meat | Canned Fruit / Vegetables | Herbs, Spices & Seasonings | Organic Foods | Spirits

Press Releases:

Feb 6, 2017

Dimitra Food Group Launches the Biggest Greek Producers Platform in the UK

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UK, LONDON -- Dimitra Food Group, the largest platform of authentic Greek food producers, has announced its launch in the UK.

Today Dec 27th, 2016 Dimitra Food Group, www.DimitraFoodGroup.com has announced its entry into the UK market. Founded in Greece, the company is a unique, growing network of over 100 small, medium and large food and beverage producers now accessible in one place. Most of the producers on the network are traditional, often family-run businesses who were lacking international distribution channles before. Thier presence on the UK market via Dimitra's platform now provides UK wholesalers and food buyers an easy reach to over 30 product categories including gourmet, natural and organic ranges.

Georgios Orfanidis, the founder and CEO of Dimitra Food Group says «Our unique platform benefits both sides of the market: for the Greek food producers we open new international markets and provide global marketing expertise whereas for foreign wholesalers, retail chains, cafes and restaurants we deliver top quality food, straight-forward purchase and shipping processes, which were unattainable or inefficient before. In essence, by leveraging the latest technology we match the «long tail» of food manufacturers with a mature, demanding market in an effective and innovative ways».

With its UK office based in London, Dimitra Food Group brings quality Greek food right to the heart of a very broad and diversified British market. «Since the ancient times Greek food has been well-known for its quality, well-preserved traditions and often century long, ancient recipes making Greece one of the top quality food exporters. We are excited that our platform enables us to expand and share the authentic taste of Greece far beyond its borders» adds Mr. Orfanidis.

About Dimitra Food Group Ltd.

Dimitra Food Group www.dimitrafoodgroup.com is an exporter of top quality, organic & gourmet food and beverages from Greece. We have more than 30 product categories with over 500 products on our platform and growing.

As a family-run business, we are locals in Greece therefore we literally hand-pick the best suppliers like locals: we go to each region to pick specific product, only authentic, artisan & top quality, no exception. Leveraging the latest technology and our local knowledge we strive to provide the best prices, authentic quality & low transportation costs.

For press contact:

Margarita Yakovleva
Director of Sales and Marketing

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