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Fruits of the Forage
57 Grimshaw Lane
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United Kingdom

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Fruits of the Forage show people the amazing flavours found in the wild. Foraging fruits and herbs from abandoned orchards and hedgerows we use traditional methods to make this wild harvest into a range of award winning preserves & cordials.

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Sloe Seville Marmalade

Dalemain World Marmalade Awards Bronze Sloes & bitter oranges are among the oldest fruits cultivated. This sour plum jam with rough cut Seville orange peel could be an ancient forgotten combination.

Sloe Seville Shred Marmalade

This luxurious marmalade with the shredded zest of Seville oranges suspended in a sour sloe jelly makes a glorious addition to the breakfast table.

Dam Sloe Jam

Great Taste Awards One Star Damsons and Sloes; tangy, rich and fruity, an all-wild winner!

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Chutney | Fruit Jam | Marmalade | Preserves | Vinegars | Free From – Artificial Ingredients | Free From – Lactose and/or Dairy | Sugar, Syrups & Sweeteners | Regional / Local products | Seasonal Products


Press Releases:

Dec 8, 2016

Fruits of the Forage win a crop of awards.

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In just under two years this fledging, family run business has won a crop of top food awards for their foraged preserves and cordials, including five Great Taste awards and a Bronze Dalemain World Marmalade Award.

The Thorneycroft family – mum Claire and children Bertie, Freddie, Archie, Tilly and Ruby - spend each season foraging for wild food in the fields and hedgerows around their home in Bollington, Cheshire.

“We spent our childhood outdoors,” explains founder, Freddie Thorneycroft (24), “so an office job was never on the cards for me and my older brother Bertie (26). As teenagers, mum encouraged us to grow our own fruit and vegetables and we began experimenting, making our first Chilli Jam with chillies and peppers from the greenhouse, which we sold at mum’s charity events. At University, our focus shifted to making home-brewed beer, spiced up with plants and herbs we found in the wild. We had some pretty great parties!”

Freddie studied Environmental Science at the University of East Anglia which fuelled his interest in the environment and food production. Bertie studied Environmental Monitoring and had similar interests which led to a discussion about how they could build a business around wild food and foraging.

“Wild food connects us to our surroundings,” says Freddie, “and creates an awareness of threats to the environment and why we need to resolve them. At Fruits of the Forage we want to show people the amazing flavours to be found in the wild: plants often disregarded as weeds can make a significant contribution to our diet and by foraging we also reduce the damaging effects of food production on the environment.”

As well as producing award-winning jams, chutneys, marmalades and cordials, the brothers also run foraging cookery courses (held at their local community allotment) and, with the help of family and friends, pop-up restaurants which to date have been a sell-out success.

“We’ve teamed up with an award-winning chef who specialises in foraged menus,” says Freddie. “The response has been huge, with everyone saying how much they’ve enjoyed eating new and unusual food. We want to inspire people to try it for themselves, giving them simple and practical knowledge to expand their palettes and at the same time reduce their carbon footprint.”

With their sights set on creating a Wild Street Food stand that will tour festivals and events around the country, Fruits of the Forage are passionate about spreading the word. Says Freddie: “We’d like this to be the start of a wild food revolution which radically changes the way we eat and grow food.”

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