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Granny’s Secret is the multi-award winning producer of high quality, 100% natural & homestyle fruit juices, extra jams, whole fruit preserves, Ajvar roasted pepper spreads. Vegan, gluten&dairy free, no additives.
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AJVAR Roasted red pepper spread - 200g, 300g & 550g


AJVAR & spicy tomato -Lutenica - 200g, 300g & 550g


100% Wild Apple Juice - 200ml & 700ml


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Condiments | Cooking Sauces | Dessert Sauces | Dips | Fruit Jam | Honey | Preserves | Gift Food | Fruit Juice | Regional / Local products


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Press Releases:

Mar 7, 2017

From and Artisan food writer

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We’d like to let you into Granny’s Secret!
Another food award, another great customer review, another new product added to the range.
2017 looks like being quite a year for Granny’s Secret as the brand continues its journey into the hearts of the UK’s foodies.
The majority of Britons haven’t yet come across traditional foods from Serbia, or indeed knows much about the country. We’ve travelled for decades to different parts of Europe, or at the very least tried the different products at food fairs and farmers’ markets across the country. But Serbia. Hmmm. Surely it’s cold. Bleak. Lots of queuing for food made of mince and dough balls and pickled cabbage to keep out the freezing weather.
Prepare to be surprised!
Serbian winters are indeed very cold. But this is a subtropical country with warm springtime heralding hot, humid summers. The country shares borders with nations that have become increasingly familiar, through Eurovision and football if not actual visits - Hungary, Romania, Macedonia and Croatia among others. And on a similar latitude to norther Italy, those hot wet Mediterranean summers ripen crops and fruit to perfection in fields and orchards you’d find very familiar.
Granny’s Secret is brought to Britain by Snezana Knowles, who, as a young Aeronautics Engineer in the UK, missed the traditional flavours of home that she’d enjoyed all her life. Serbians are as passionate as any modern nation about preserving their food heritage, and about the craft of artisans producing to traditional methods still practiced in the countryside.
The methods of grinding whole fruits, including the skin, using only natural sugars leaving them 100% natural - vegan, gluten & dairy free but with intense flavour - arose from the need to preserve and enjoy as much fruit as possible into the winter. Juices that taste as though a fruit was just plucked from a tree and squeezed directly into a glass. And the wonderful Ajvar, made from smoked, charred peppers that ripen in hot sunshine across acres of beautiful fields, tastes as Mediterranean as any bruschetta topping.
But the secret is now out. Some of the products can be found in parts of the UK, with the range growing every day. Holland & Barrett, Selfridges, Budgens, the Coop and lots of smaller delis and juice bars now stock award-winning juices, honeys, jams and ajvar. One of the biggest stores in Spain, el Corte Ingles, describes the products as “a return to nature - preserves and natural drinks with recipes that transcend generations. Artisan juices & preserved fruit … born out of remembering childhood flavours”.
Find them if you can – they prove once and for all that just because a product is 100% natural, with no added sugars, preservatives or dairy products and therefore safe for anyone – even babies – that doesn’t have to limit the taste. In fact a vegan friend of mine looked at me suspiciously after trying one of the spreads, as though I was pulling a fast one. A compliment indeed!
Watch out for the brand as it spreads across the UK to a store near you, find them online and follow the story at

Feb 28, 2017

SFFF DRINKS BUYER INTERVIEW- We talk to Snezana Knowles, founder of Granny’s Secret UK, about the brand’s cutting-edge fruit juices

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The varied and unique produce of Serbia had been sparsely available in the UK until five years ago, when inspired by memories of her childhood, Snezana decided to bring them from her native country to the UK. “The age-old tradition of preserving nature’s bounty by grinding fine fruit that comes fresh from the hedgerows and trees still resonates in modern Serbia and lives on in the folk knowledge of the people,” says Snezana.

Snezana quickly set to work on applying her country of origin’s philosophy to Granny’s Secret’s array of fruit and vegetable juices. “The freshest and most natural juices are made by grinding the whole fruit, rather than pressing it,” she explains. “Following this method means that all of the important ingredients are preserved. Our drinks include depth of flavour, are an irreplaceable source of nutrition, are sweetened by white grape juice instead of sugar, and are packaged in glass to keep them cool even at ambient temperatures.” As well as adhering to the nutrition-boosting grinding technique, the fruit juices contain the peel of the fruits, which Snezana says are another essential nutrient-rich source.

Serbian sensation

Granny’s Secret products are available in 12 flavours of single fruit flavours, with vegetable and fruit combinations available, too. The eclectic array of flavours, from Orange to Wild Blackberry and more, earned Granny’s Secret a spot on deli shelves when it launched in 2012. A month after the company obtained its first listing the accolades starting rolling in, and the brand has even been the awarded Great Taste Producer status, too.

It’s not just the awards that Snezana is proud of – she’s passionate about the healthy credentials of the Granny’s Secret products, too. These credentials have been confirmed by an online listing at Holland & Barrett. “We pride ourselves on helping to reduce obesity by not adding sugar, expect naturally-occurring ones from fruit,” she says. “We even recommend them for babies (over the age of six months) and small children, as they’re a great introduction to fresh fruits without turning to other juices which include added sugar.”

Another strong unique selling point about the juices is their versatility – some can be used in cocktails or even cooked with. “Tomato soups taste great with the herbs and celery included in our Tomato & Celery juice,” explains Snezana. “It tastes great in bolognese sauce especially, and unlike passatas that need a long cooking time to reduce the acidity, our pasteurised tomato juice can be added later in the cooking process to preserve freshness.”

Granny’s Secret News

Further to supplying many Gourmet and independent shops and Foodhalls, Granny’s Secret have just launched their premium products: Extra fruity jams, Ayvar roasted red pepper spreads and 100% fruit juices.. @ Holland & Barrett on line…

For more Granny’s Secret Products from Holland and Barrett click here

This represents a big boost to the brand, already breaking through to the UK market in the last few years here

We will be exhibiting at two trade shows this Spring – so please come and see us at the following shows:

IFE International 19-22 March, excel, London, Stand N2710 and

Natural Products Europe 2-3rd April ’17, Excel, London, Stand U54.


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