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Hoogly Tea
1a Tivoli Road
Tel. 07900183740


United Kingdom

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We are an independent tea company based in Brighton.

We want to spread the joy of Hygge through our indulgent tea blends, made with luxury ingredients and packed in biodegradable tea pyramids.

Packaged in individual wraps, loose or boxed.

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Hoogly Tea

Indulgent tea blends

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Tea | Herbal/Fruit Infusions | Gift Food


Press Releases:

Mar 18, 2017

Spring into Hygge!

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Spring into Hygge with Hoogly!
It’s not just a winter thing

New British Tea Company Hoogly Tea, Helps Make Hygge Something to Enjoy All Year Round
The Danish concept of Hygge has been portrayed as a more indoors and winter thing, when in fact it isn’t! Hygge is to be celebrating all year round and actually a Dane would tell you that Spring and Summer are the most hyggelig (pronounced Hoogly) seasons of all and Hoogly Tea wants to create that hyggelig moment for all in a mug!

Hoogly Tea was created by tea enthusiast Tina Gloggengieser, from Aarhus in Denmark. Tina now resides in Brighton and launched Hoogly Tea last year with the aim of combining her love of tea with the mindful Danish concept to create a unique and healthy range of blends.

The luxurious ingredients of Hoogly Tea are combined for a healthy, indulgent and comforting moment with wonderful aromas. There is a range of exciting flavours, including Marzipan, Vanilla Chai, Chocolate Brownie, Sparkling White, Rhubarb & Vanilla, as well as more traditional flavours such as Classic Green Tea, Jasmine Dawn, Chill Out Mint and Cosy Camomile.

Hoogly is the pronunciation of ‘hyggelig,’ the adjective of Hygge, and the aim of Hoogly Tea is to invite its consumers to have a hoogly time drinking one of its delicious and indulgent brews and be seduced by the wonderfully relaxing Danish way of life whatever the weather.

Hygge is about finding happiness and contentment, so if it’s sunny, pack your favourite food and Hoogly Tea (hot or iced) and find a beautiful spot for a picnic on comfortable blankets.  Then take a few moments to appreciate how beautiful the flowers around you are, how blue the sky is, the soft breeze. Notice the softness of a blanket, the scent of perfume in the air and the delicious taste of every mouthful you eat and drink. 

Each retail box contains 15 tea pyramids, fully biodegradable and natural. Mini packs, loose tea and mixed mini packs are also available.


Media Enquiries & Image Requests
Tina Gloggengieser, Founder & Director of Hoogly Tea
07900 183740

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