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Lefktro UK Ltd
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United Kingdom

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Lefktro UK Ltd: a major importer and distributor of olive oils, cooking alcohols, vinegars and premium ingredients. We combine extremely competitive pricing structures, bulk supply and modern distribution methods with an unrivalled commitment to delivering outstanding service.

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Lefktro EVO 5Lt PET

Produced for Lefktro by Pepe Cano, this Extra Virgin Olive oil is produced using only specially selected olives that are then pressed in a state of the art facility to ensure the best results. The ...

Lefktro Blended Pomace Oil 5 ltr PET

Produced by exciting modern Spanish producers using the latest in technology this Olive Pomace Oil Blend is has a consistent flavour and guaranteed quality. Using a blend of 49% refined sunflower o...

Lefktro Pomace Olive Oil 5 ltr PET

Produced using the latest in technology, this Olive Pomace Oil has a consistent flavour and guaranteed quality. Not to be confused with Olive Oil, Olive Pomace Oil is a blend of refined Olive Pomac...

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Product Categories:

Oils – Olive | Olives & Pickles | Vinegars | Pasta & Noodles | Pulses | Rice | Free From – Gluten | Baking | Canned Fruit / Vegetables | Dried & Dehydrated Foods

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Press Releases:

Nov 7, 2016

LEFKTRO: International Importer Launches Complete Range Repackage at IFE 2017

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Food service wholesalers supplying restaurants, delicatessens and farm shops will now be spoilt for choice with a unique range of own brand Mediterranean products from one of the market leaders in artisan and commercial grade olive oils, balsamic vinegars and cooking alcohols.
Lefktro*, the one stop shop for Mediterranean ingredients, launched their international range of Lefktro own brand products in September 2015 and throughout the course of the following year, extended the brand throughout their full range of product categories.
Lefktro UK Ltd has always been well known amongst its customer base as a major importer of olive oils, balsamic vinegars and pasta as well as being renowned for its delivery of high level of customer service. Lefktro have increased their range further to include tinned pulses and grains, rice and more recently, cooking alcohols.

James Tyler, MD of Lefktro said: “We have excellent relationships with our suppliers from Spain, Greece, Italy, France and Turkey and offer fully traceable quality and excellence at every price point for all stages of production. By placing our extensive range of products under one name we are helping to consolidate our offering to our customers.

Whilst we have retained some of our high end finishing products in their original packaging, the products which completely fulfil the Lefktro promise of competitive price and quality have been rebranded. Our customers have absolute confidence that all products from Lefktro have been selected to provide the highest quality at a competitive price point. Our commitment to our customers assures cost effectiveness and consistence for customers and end users alike. We are hugely excited to be launching the range in its entirety at IFE 2017.

The branding exercise has led to sourcing the best type of catering packs for each of the products, whether it be for 5 litre PET bottles for extra virgin olive oil, handy screw tops tubs for pickles and capers or convenient cap release boxes for cooking wines.

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