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Love Kombucha
4 Newport Road
RG14 2AR
Tel. 07429 336856


United Kingdom

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Love Kombucha is an organic soft drink made with fermented green tea. A refreshing alternative to sugary soft drinks and alcohol, Love Kombucha is low in sugar and comes in 4 delicious flavours. Brewed in the UK.

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Love Kombucha - Original

Just green tea kombucha, nothing added and nothing taken away. Our Original kombucha has a light ‘appley’ taste that sits somewhere between a flat scrumpy cider and an apple cider vinegar (don’t wo...

Love Kombucha - Ginger

Well known for its anti-inflammatory and digestive properties, ginger is the perfect pairing with kombucha. Often described as a little like an old fashioned ginger beer but without all the sugar a...

Love Kombucha - Ginger & Lime

As with the ginger, but with a little extra citrus kick! Our Ginger & Lime is great on its own or makes a particularly good mixer to serve with gin! Why not retox whilst you detox!

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Ready To Drink Products | Free From – Artificial Ingredients | Free From – Gluten | Free From – Lactose and/or Dairy | Health & Wellbeing | Low Fat Foods | Vegetarian / Vegan Foods | Carbonated Drinks | Private Label Products | Organic Soft Drinks

Press Releases:

Feb 7, 2017

Now Brewed Longer for Even Less Sugar

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Media Release: February 2017

Since the launch of Love Kombucha three years ago, countless new breweries have followed suit. With so many different brands now readily available, Love Kombucha have taken the lead in reducing their sugar content even further than the industry norm which is usually around 4-5g of sugar per 100mls and in some can be much higher. All 8 of Love Kombucha’s lines (which range 4 flavours in two sizes each) contain less than 2.5g/100mls of sugar. If consuming 200ml each day that equates to consuming 2000 fewer grams of sugar over the course of 12 months if Love Kombucha is chosen over a brand that contains 4.5g.

Cancer Research and their campaign for #SugarFreeFebruary, coupled with the BBC’s ‘Trust Me, I’m a Doctor’ which aired on Wednesday 1st February, heavily focussed on the benefits of unpasteurised of fermented foods and drinks, backed up by scientific studies and lab results. Guided by these high-profile pointers, consumers are continuing to self-educate and make healthier choices and Love Kombucha are pleased to be at the forefront of this.

All Love Kombucha products are certified organic and they are the only kombucha manufacturer in the UK to hold a SALSA accreditation.

Love Kombucha is an unpasteurised soft drink made by fermenting sweetened green tea with a live culture of bacteria and yeast. The result is an organic, raw drink loaded with probiotics, enzymes and beneficial acids, which is very low in sugar and has a unique ‘tart’ taste.

Love Kombucha is available online at and in the majority of health stores including Planet Organic, Whole Foods Market and As Nature Intended plus over 600 other independent stockists. Love Kombucha is also stocked in outlets in Singapore, Hong Kong and Paris.

For more information, product samples, images or to speak to Love Kombucha, please contact Melanie Millin on / 07429 336856 or visit stand N2252 in the Health & Wellness area.

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