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Folkington's is one of the UK's fastest growing premium drinks brands and has now extended its range of juices and sparking drinks into a new range of MIXERS. These naturally complement the fast growing craft spirits sector. Come and Try!

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Carbonated Drinks | Fruit Juice

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Feb 21, 2017

Folkington's launches new MIxer range

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Sussex drinks company Folkington’s has launched a range of six premium mixers in mini-cans that use only natural ingredients and are especially crafted to compliment the growing band of artisan gins, vodkas and dark spirits. The 150ml range of Indian Tonic Water, Dry Ginger Ale, Bitter Lemon, Lemonade and Club Soda has been created by using natural botanical extracts made by artisan producers from hand-picked citrus and floral plants.

The mixers are designed to have strong shelf stand out and wide appeal in stylish fridge-packs of 8 environmentally friendly cans, meeting the needs of retailers that want to offer a premium option, alternative to ranges available from the large mixer producers. Flavours include:

• Indian Tonic Water and a light Tonic Water alternative with 33% less sugar. Both are made with a unique balance of natural quinine from India and other botanical extracts that help to draw out many of the special flavour characteristics of a wide number of gin brands.

• Dry Ginger Ale made from West African ginger root with subtle citrus notes to complement dark spirit drinks such as whiskey and brandy.

• Bitter Lemon and Lemonade (not from concentrate) are both made using lemons that have been freshly picked from Sicilian lemon groves.

• Club Soda is uniquely made with the addition of natural minerals extracted from soda crystals.

The Folkington’s artisan mixer fridge packs are expected to have an RSP in the independent retail trade of £4.99 per pack.

Paul Bendit, founder of Folkington’s commented: “we set out to create an Artisan Mixer range that has perfect symbiosis with the many new craft gins and whiskies that have lately entered the market. In presenting them in stylish 150ml mini-cans we are offering the market a very high quality range of mixers in an environmentally-kind packaging format that also offers convenience, minimum wastage and competitive pricing”.

Folkington’s is now established as a brand that customers recognise for its provenance and quality. It launched in 2012 and now has 9 varieties in its 250ml JUICE range of which 7 are also available as 1 litre bottles for home consumption. Earlier this year it launched its GARDEN range of sparkling pressés in 250ml cans. The brand is now sold throughout the UK, around Europe and in the Middle East and S.E. Asia.

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