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Mindful Bites
23 Wimpole Street
Tel. 07768 507 757


United Kingdom

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Mindful Bites is a lifestyle brand of innovative snacks.  Our gluten-free sugar-free bites are filled with our nut butters (available, also in jars and mess-free sachets):
Almond & Maca
Hazelnut & Berries
Cashew & Baobab
Brazil Nut & Cacao Nibs

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Crunchy gluten & sugar free bites with a creamy nut butter filling

Mindful Bites Nut Butters

Unique blends of premium nut butters and superfoods

Mindful Bites Nut Butter Sachets

Premium nut butters blended with superfoods in novelty monoportion mess-free sachets

Product Categories:

Healthy Eating / Free From Confectionery & Chocolate | Portion Packs | Nuts & Nut Products – excl. snacking | Free From – Gluten | Free From – Lactose and/or Dairy | Free From – Added Sugar | Health & Wellbeing | Functional Foods | Vegetarian / Vegan Foods | Healthy Snacks

Press Releases:

Feb 22, 2017

MINDFUL BITES - Launch at Whole Foods Market

View the whole press release

Mindful Bites is a lifestyle brand of innovative snacks inspired by mindful eating.  Created with the millennials in mind and capturing all current trends (snacking on-the-go, plant-based protein, novelty ingredients blended with nut butters, gluten dairy and sugar free), Mindful Bites wants to inspire a fundamental shift in how we approach food and eating, rewriting messaging around nutrition, and adopting the language and technologies of millennials to change consumers’ behaviours.  

The brand has recently successfully launched at Whole Foods Market nationwide, gathering strong traction across all ranges of products which include premium nut butters blended with superfoods available in jars and mess-free squeeze sachets for consumption on-the-go, as well as their the ‘crunchy bites’ filled with the same nut butters.

There are 4 very different nut butters, each designed to target a specific wellbeing aspect:
Vitality: Almond Butter & Maca
Defence: Hazelnut Butter & Berries
Purification: Cashew Nut Butter & Baobab
Pleasure: Brazil Nut Butter & Cacao Nibs

What differentiate these products from others available on the market is the texture, which appears incredibly smooth allowing to fully experience the full burst of flavours for longer, in line with the mindful eating approach the brand is encouraging. This prevents eating quickly and overeating in a mindless way, with only a small amount of nut butter needed to fully enjoy the taste. The use of nutrient-dense ingredients of the highest quality, all ethically sourced, ensures an absolutely unique gourmet experience for each of the 4 flavours, from the sweet and tangy cashew and baobab combination, to the woody almond and maca, to the deep hazelnut butter and the subtle of black mulberries, and the decadent indulgence of the cacao nibs and brazil nut blend.

The package represents beautifully what the brand stands for. The jars look premium, with their minimalist strong lines and bold colouring echoing luxury brands. The mess-free squeeze sachets look like the perfect addition to a gym bag, and thanks to the straw which pops our once they are torn open they are very hygienic and can be easily consumed on the go; the material was chosen so that all content can be easily squeezed out, preventing wastage.

Mindful Bites has partnered up with tech startup Quikkly to be the first brand within the sector with a fully interactive packaging.  By scanning the Quikkly code at the back of the package, the consumer can access a guided mindful eating experience, as well as extra ‘snackshots’ of free content & vouchers for repeat purchases. 

The ‘crunchy bites’ beautifully designed packaging also contains a surprise as it has a little mindful message on the back which can be peeled and revealed - a thought-provoking quote from the most inspirational innovators of our times with the occasion pearl of Stoic wisdom, aimed at transforming snacking in a moment of pausing, reflecting and reconnect ing with our personal journey. 

Mindful Bites is here to build an iconic brand with a voice: they want to inspire people to see food as a tool to help them be at their best, and go even further and inspire the world to see food choices and experiences as a way to build stronger human connections and more sustainable lifestyles.

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