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Barhi dates are fresh yellow dates, sold typically on branches in farmers markets. They are very seasonal and usually harvested around the months of August and September. This unique type of dates can be either consumed as a fresh date, where it is yellow, crunchy and semi-sweet or at an advanced stage of ripeness (Rutab) where it is soft, with thin brown crackling skin and an interior that tastes of delicious caramel. To get the caramel taste, place them in a freezer where they can be held for several months. Barhi dates بلح البَرْحي Description: Fresh fruit, locally marketed or exported on branches in 5Kg cardboard boxes. Barhi dates can be found in two stages: • If picked at an early stage (Khalal date), they are semisweet, large, bright yellow in colour and crisp. Barhi dates are usually attached to branches (approx 10cm long with at least 5 dates per branch). [Moisture: 50-85%] • If fully ripe they are small, round, brown and extremely sweet (Rutab). [Moisture: 30-45%]

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Barhi Dates

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