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United Kingdom

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Quicklemon are one of Europe's leading producers of 100% Lemon Juice (NFC) Our biggest competitive advantage is access high quality lemons throughout the year which is why all our lemons are locally-sourced from the Region of Murcia, Spain.

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100% Lemon Juice

100% freshly-squeezed lemon juice, not from concentrate. Add this super healthy ingredient into all your cooking, salads, baking for that zesty Mediterranean flavour. Our product is more conveni...

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Condiments | Dressings | Free From – Artificial Ingredients | Free From – Gluten | Fresh Fruit | Health & Wellbeing | Baking | Herbs, Spices & Seasonings | Fruit Juice | Private Label Products


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Feb 13, 2017

Quicklemon at IFE 2017

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“Many chefs refer to lemons as a third seasoning, along with salt and pepper.” –Jamie Oliver

QuickLemon UK Ltd will be exhibiting for the first time at the IFE 2017. Their freshly-squeezed lemon juice product under the brand QuickLemon is making it easier for people to use fresh lemon juice on a daily basis.
UK households currently throw away the equivalent of £20 million worth of lemons per year (WRAP Food Waste Report) and their product aims to help stop this trend. No more wasting fresh lemons that go unused in the fridge, with QuickLemon you'll always have fresh lemon juice that lasts longer.
Demand for fresh ingredients is also on the increase, and currently most UK supermarkets stock lemon juice made from concentrate, which doesn’t have the same added health benefits nor the taste as their freshly-squeezed product.
QuickLemon is made using only locally-sourced Spanish Lemons at the company's production facilities in southern Spain. This way they control the entire production process from squeezing to bottling thus ensuring only the best quality lemon juice.
They look forward to expanding their presence in the UK where there is clear demand for this super ingredient.

About QuickLemon

QuickLemon is a family-owned business founded in 1987 in the Region of Murcia: one of the world's top Lemon-producing regions located in the southeast of Spain. They are one of Europe's leading producers of lemon-derived products: from Lemon Juice, essential oil to Lemon Peel they literally squeeze out everything they can from what this amazing fruit has to offer. This also makes them one of the most eco-friendly producers in Europe, as nothing goes to waste.

QuickLemon are one of the only companies in the world with the capacity to control the entire end to end process which allows them to ensure the quality of their products. They believe that Spanish lemons are the best: which is why all the lemons they use are locally-sourced from the Region of Murcia, Spain.

Not only are they the number one product in Spain under the brand Solimon, you'll also find their products all around the world from Europe, North America, to across Asia.

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