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Currently selling Birch, Maple and Bamboo waters, Sibberi is the first and leading tree water brand. Sibberi is available in more than 1,200 stores across the UK (including Waitrose, Sainsbury’s & Whole Foods Market) and is now expanding distribution internationally.

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Birch Water

Birch water is simply pure tree sap tapped straight from birch trees. - 4 times less sugar than coconut water - Naturally hydrating - Naturally detoxing

Maple Water

Maple water is simply pure sap tapped straight from maple trees - not to be confused with maple syrup, which is concentrated maple water. - Twice less sugar than coconut - No added sugar at all ...

Bamboo Water

Bamboo water is directly extracted from the bamboo trees. Bamboo water tastes ‘mature’. It is the least sweet of all three tree waters. It has hints of green tea with a smokey after taste. The tex...

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Food to Go – Inc. Sandwiches | Free From – Added Sugar | Health & Wellbeing | Energy Drinks | Functional Drinks | Vegetarian / Vegan Foods | Weight-Loss Products | Fruit Juice | Smoothies | Water


Press Releases:

Oct 25, 2016

SIBBERI _ Water Needs No Middleman: Sibberi bypasses labs and factories to bring you thirst-quenching hydration directly from trees

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Sibberi ( uncovers the ultimate natural hydration with their unique range of revitalising, pure tree waters. The first to introduce Birch Water to the UK last year, Sibberi now launches two exciting new lines: Maple Water, and Bamboo Water. All three waters are just as hydrating as coconut water, with up to four times less sugar. Proving to be no fleeting trend, the UK’s thirst for alternative waters is growing and the popularity of Birch Water continues to rise. Sibberi launches Maple Water in April, and Bamboo Water follows quickly behind, hitting shelves in May. This will be the first time the world will get a taste of Bamboo Water, which is sure to be the beauty drink of 2016.

Sibberi’s already impressive stockist list, which includes Whole Foods Market, Ocado and Selfridges, has now expanded to include Waitrose who are excited to be stocking “the new coconut water”. Waitrose Juice Buyer Nicola James comments: "Drinking a bottle of Birch Water may raise a few eyebrows but coconut water was once considered a fad and is now very much an everyday drink for many shoppers. Tree water has been a big trend in America and we think it will appeal to those wanting a refreshing change to water but that is still low in calories."

As Britain’s appetite for alternative waters continues to grow, Sibberi has seen the opportunity to grow with it; “we were first to introduce Birch Water in the UK in 2015 and the category really picked up, proving Brits really do have a need for alternative waters,” says Clara Vaisse, Sibberi co-founder. “Birch Water is our first love but on our journey to launch Sibberi, we discovered other tree waters that are also naturally good for you and very low in sugars. We could not be more excited to introduce our new Maple and Bamboo waters in 2016.”

Leveraging their expertise of tapping birch trees, Sibberi harvests maple trees in Vermont and launched their Maple Water in May 2016. A health tonic used for centuries by Native Americans, this hydrating elixir is simply maple sap tapped straight from a maple tree - not to be confused with maple syrup, which is concentrated maple water. Maple Water is packed full of manganese which assists in maintaining healthy bones and muscle tissue, as well as regulating thyroid function and blood sugar levels. One bottle of Sibberi Maple Water has the same amount of manganese as a cup of kale, making it an easy and palatable way to incorporate this important nutrient into your diet.

In May 2016 Sibberi was the first to introduce the world to Bamboo Water. The water is directly extracted from the bamboo trees. Bamboo is the highest natural source of silica and the best-kept secret for healthy skin, hair and nails. Silica is naturally present in the body, however it fades as we age, making Bamboo Water a simple and natural anti-ageing solution. Silica is the ultimate beauty supplement for a natural glow.

Already renowned for its quenching Birch Water, launched in 2015, Sibberi has gained a slew of celebrity fans such as Richard Branson, Tyra Banks, The Body Coach (Joe Wicks), Nick Grimshaw, Jo Wood and Perri Shakes Drayton, who is also an official brand ambassador. Birch Water is collected drop by drop fresh from mature silver birch trees and is a naturally hydrating isotonic water. Like coconut water, Birch Water is packed with electrolytes, but has four times less sugar with a mere 5 calories per 100ml!

Sibberi’s in-house nutritionist, Candice Van Eeden (DipCNM mBANT CNHC) comments: "Each of the waters have their own unique healing properties. Maple contains mineral manganese that supports healthy bones structure and connective tissues, Bamboo boosts natural production of collagen inhibiting the aging processes of the tissues, while Birch supports the body to detoxify unwanted chemicals.”

Key to the Sibberi brand is to provide water directly from the forest that tastes exactly as it would if you had foraged it yourself, which is why all of the waters are completely unadulterated. “As a brand we want to provide water made by trees, unaltered, with absolutely no added flavours or sugar. We did consider adding juices to our waters to add to the range and to make it more accessible to people inclined to sweet things, however we realised this would defeat the purpose of being completely natural and would add unnecessary calories. We decided to keep it simple and leave the waters just as nature intended,” says Clara.

Sibberi stockists include Waitrose, Ocado, Boots, Selfridges, Whole Foods Market, Partridges, Planet Organic and As Nature Intended, as well as a raft of independent food stores and gyms nationwide (RRP £1.99). Sibberi is also distributed at the offices of creative and tech companies such as Google and Foster + Partners.

Note to Editors

The Story of Sibberi

Sibberi is a tree water company dedicated to bringing nutritious and delicious health foods to the UK market. Founded in 2015 by three friends with a passion for whole foods, Sibberi won the Unilever Food for the Future Award and the Lunch! Innovation Award in 2015. In June 2016, Sibberi was also a winner in Richard Branson's VOOM competition.

Inspired by tales of the health-giving properties of birch sap, Sibberi’s co-founders Clara Vaisse, Mehdi Meghzifene and Paul-Adrien Cormerais embarked on a quest which lead them across Estonia and Latvia to find the pure, unsweetened sap unavailable in UK stores. Clara comments “The moment we tasted fresh birch sap, used by Latvian farmers to make birch sap wine, we knew we wanted to share this precious ingredient with UK consumers. As we travelled through the rural villages and wild forests of Estonia and Latvia, tasting fresh spring birch sap, Sibberi was born.”

Sibberi’s co-founders met at University studying engineering (and skiing!) in Grenoble, in the heart of the French Alps, where they bonded over their love of fine foods and nature’s hidden gems. The founders are:

Clara Vaisse – Previously working in the fashion industry for Louis Vuitton in Paris, Clara has applied her skills to the marketing of her own health drink brand at Sibberi. Since childhood, fitness guru Clara (she holds a black belt in Judo!) has maintained a keen interest in healthy eating and natural medicine, believing that the food we eat can help heal the body.
Mehdi Meghzifene – A self-confessed reformed banker, now dedicated to tapping birch trees and bringing the precious sap back to the UK. Originally from Algeria, Mehdi is also a black belt Judo champion with a strong interest in healthy foods and their transformative effects on the body.
Paul-Adrien Cormerais – The foodie of the team, Paul-Adrien provides vital input on the taste of the final products, as Sibberi’s chief sap sommelier.

● Waitrose
● Ocado
● Whole Foods Market
● Selfridges
● Boots
● Planet Organic
● As Nature Intended
● Rosewood Hotel
● Equinox Fitness Centres
● Fenwick
● Partridges
● A host of cafés, gyms, delis and health food nationwide
● International stockists in Germany, Switzerland, France and Hong Kong

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