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Tuk Tuk Chai
Office 7
35-37 Ludgate Hill
Tel. 0203 488 2140


United Kingdom

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We're Tuk Tuk Chai, the bold new drinks brand that dares to be different. With a taste for adventure and passion for cultural fusion, we’re breaking into the tea game in style with our spicy take on your everyday cuppa.

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Tuk Tuk Chai Cardamom

A smooth blend of crushed green cardamom with black tea, milk and just a hint of sugar.

Tuk Tuk Chai Ginger

A rousing blend of smashed root ginger with black tea, milk and just a hint of sugar.

Tuk Tuk Chai Masala

An aromatic blend of eight spices, brewed with black tea, milk and just a hint of sugar.

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Ready To Drink Products | Tea | Chilled Convenience | Convenience Foods | Milk | Milkshakes & Milk Drinks | Private Label Products | Free From – Artificial Ingredients | Free From – Gluten | Free From – Nuts


Press Releases:

Feb 20, 2017


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Tuk Tuk Chai is the bold new drinks brand breaking into the tea game with its spicy take on the everyday cuppa. The staple aromatic drink that has fuelled people on the streets of India for centuries is finally hitting the shelves of Britain thanks to Tuk Tuk Chai.

The brainchild of Indian-born entrepreneur Rupesh Thomas and his Parisian wife Alexandra, a travel-loving multicultural couple who have made London their home, Tuk Tuk Chai will take you on a journey down the backstreets of India’s greatest cities, all in a single sip.

“During our travels across Kerala, I introduced Alex to chai and she fell in love with it,” explained Rupesh.

“Upon returning to London, we couldn’t satisfy our chai craving anywhere, no ‘chai latte’ could even come close to the rich, complex, spicy chai from the streets of India that Alex had fallen in love with. We quickly realised that if we wanted the real deal, we’d have to brew it ourselves. So that’s what we did,” said Rupesh.

Never one to take a backseat in life, Rupesh seized the opportunity in January 2015 to take the leap and together with Alex, launched Tuk Tuk Chai. The couple started brewing in their London kitchen in pursuit of the perfect cup of chai. Almost two years and countless batches later, they nailed it, creating the most authentic glass of street tea this side of Delhi.

Although there are various coffee-chain offerings and prepackaged blends and concentrates, an authentic chai is less sweet, richer in flavour and due to it being brewed, has a very different consistency. Tuk Tuk Chai’s range blends earthy black tea, creamy milk, and aromatic spices offering three distinct flavours: intense ginger, fiery masala and aromatic cardamom.

“In India, chai is somewhere between orange and brown in colour, very milky with a strong mixture of spices which vary from one house to another. We wanted to create an authentic chai full of richness, flavour and a strong aroma,” explained Alex.

“For a real street chai experience it should be served piping hot, which is one way of enjoying our chai. However, as we taste tested our product we soon realised that it was just as delicious served straight from the fridge. In fact, many of our chai loving Indian friends now prefer their chai cold!” Alex said.

“Tea lovers of Britain, prepare to chai,” said Rupesh. “Tuk Tuk Chai reflects the spirit of London - fusing Indian and European influences to celebrate the real flavours of the streets of India for adventurous foodies everywhere. Our chai is tea, but not as you know it.”

For more information or to request a sample visit www.tuktukchai.co.uk.

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