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Vincenzo Caputo s.r.l.
Via Circumvallazione, 41
Somma Vesuviana, NA
Tel. +390818992326



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Funded in 1930, Vincenzo Caputo srl is a company specialised in the production and manufacturing of dried fruits and nuts.
Family run, the company is now at its third generation management.

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Che bella Italia

Thanks to Che Bella Italia, you can definitely experience the best flavours and taste of Italy. This product line offers you the best Italian dried fruit and nuts, which are selected in every region..

Organic nuts

Organic Caputo is part of this ambitious project based on the production and commercialisation of organic products like walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pine nuts…and more to come!

Feel good

Feel good is the product line of wellness, the perfect mix for any kind of wish: Wellness, Energy, Passion and Meditation are the names of tasty and practical fruit mixes, ideal for feeling fit, re...

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Health & Wellbeing | Vegetarian / Vegan Foods | Private Label Products | Regional / Local products | Dried Fruit | Healthy Snacks | Nuts | Savoury Snacks

Press Releases:

Feb 23, 2017

Nuts on the move

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Based in Somma Vesuviana, near Naples, VINCENZO CAPUTO SRL is a company specialized in manufacturing and packing dried fruit and nuts since 1930.
Our range is divided into two macro areas: products from our territory with Quality certifications (as IGP or DOP) and products that come from every corner of the world, in the best place of production (as almonds, prunes, pistachios, cashews, peanuts). We have a long-lasting experience in supplying retailers in Italy and abroad and we are able to pack in Private label, thanks to a big production plan, many production lines and different packing machineries. Over the years, our company has obtained the following certifications: BRC, IFS, ISO 9001:2008. Our goal is to satisfy the changing needs of our customers with healthy and funny snacks.

The most important difference with the other companies that operate in this field is represented by the attention to the territory, including its protection and development.
For example, Caputo sustained Giffoni IGP hazelnuts, being a founding member of the Consortium of Giffoni IGP hazelnut, created to promote and enhance this excellent Campanian fruit.
The Giffoni hazelnut ranks among the most prestigious ones and comes from the typical production area located in the province of Salerno.
The proximity to the production area and the direct relationship with the production cooperatives, the participation in the Consortium and the daily relationship with it for reporting activities, make the company the primary industry of processing, packaging and sale of Giffoni IGP hazelnuts.
Since the foundation day of the Consortium, Caputo claimed his promotion activities through meetings, seminars, forums with the greatest players in the confectionery sector, in order to spread information on the product.

The distinctive features that make the Giffoni hazelnut a unique product are represented by: the fruit’s rounded shape, white flesh, crispiness and strong aroma, a thin perisperm and easily removable peel with a peelability not less than 85%. The homogeneous size of the fruit makes it suitable for roasting and peeling.
The Protected Geographical Indication guarantees origin, authenticity, uniqueness, high quality. To be a PGI product, it must undergo lots of rigorous checks to certify the correspondence to the Product Regulations.

Furthermore, Caputo is the first company that believed in the Biodiversity of the Italian territory and guaranteed its protection.
In Italy we produce hazelnuts, walnuts, chestnuts, pistachios, pine nuts, almonds and so on.
Each domestic cultivar has organoleptic and qualitative features that make it far superior to the imported products. In addition to the constant increase in consumption for this category, we can safely say that consumers are always more alert and oriented to the purchase of references
that come from the Italian territory.

The CHE BELLA ITALIA line is a tribute to the Italian origin of the products. The assortment includes many products: hazelnuts from Campania (the best producer in Italy), almonds from Sicily, pine nuts from Lazio, shelled walnuts from Veneto. Recently, thanks to the privileged relationship with the growers, we can also offer Noci dello Stivale: In shell Chandler (one of the finest cultivar in the world) cultivated in Italy, a place that is traditionally suitable for the cultivation of this fruit. They are a safe product with a unique taste!
As for walnuts, Caputo owns a sterilization plant that is able to prevent many problems of infestation and represents a modern and efficient technology used by only 5 companies in Europe.

Finally, we’ve included a Fruit mix in the Che Bella Italia line, a journey of flavors across the Peninsula: the prestigious Giffoni IGP hazelnut and the fine Sicilian almonds meet the intense flavor of prunes from Emilia Romagna and apples from Trentino Alto Adige. High quality ingredients and valuable for their nutrients, carefully selected and mixed for a pleasure made in Italy.

Feb 23, 2017

VINCENZO CAPUTO SRL, Nuts and organic, what a wonderful couple!

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Specialized in manufacturing dried fruits and nuts since 1930, VINCENZO CAPUTO SRL has always been engaged in the protection and development of its territory. The proximity to the production area and the direct relationship with the suppliers make the company the primary industry of processing, packaging and selling PGI and POD products that come from Italy

Paying attention to the territory also means safeguarding both the environment and human health in order to ensure greater benefits for current and next generations. For this reason, “we chose to follow the standards of organic certification. It was for a moral duty as well as a business reason,” the marketing manager, Pina Santucci, told us.
At the moment, the organic product line called Caputo Biologico includes 4 items (shelled walnuts, Italian pine nuts, Italian shelled almonds, Italian shelled hazelnuts), but this 2017 will be characterized by a focus on natural issues and then additional items are surely expected.

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