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Wild Plains Foods
P.O Box 19716
Dar es Salaam
Tel. +255779939716



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Our 100% fruit snacks: Pineapples, Mangoes, Bananas & Papayas are dried using ‘low temperature drying technology’- which helps the fruits retain their original flavor, vitamins, taste and color. Fruits contain no sulphites, sugar or any other additives.

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Dried Mango

These are high fiber Mango snacks. We peel and dry our mangoes right at the time that they are fully ripe and ready to be gulped!

Dried Pineapple

These are high fiber Pineapple snacks. We peel and dry our Pineapples right at the time that they are fully ripe and ready to be gulped!

Dried Banana

These are high fiber Banana snacks. We peel and dry our Bananas right at the time that they are fully ripe and ready to be gulped!

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Condiments | Healthy Eating / Free From Confectionery & Chocolate | Dried & Dehydrated Foods | Free From – Artificial Ingredients | Free From – Added Sugar | Health & Wellbeing | Vegetarian / Vegan Foods | Herbs, Spices & Seasonings | Dried Fruit | Wholesaler / Distributor


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Press Releases:

Mar 9, 2017

Wild Plains Foods- Fruit Snacks straight from their farms to you

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A little girl accompanied her father to the field he worked in, just so that she could get something to eat that day. The father shared a portion of the meal provided by the employer with his daughter – and she was thrilled! Their family had a small farm of about half an acre, but no resources to farm on it- even to feed the family. Not fair! Yes, that’s exactly what Wild Plains thought!

Wild Plains Foods was set up with a mission to empower local farmer communities in East Africa and make tasty, high quality & unadulterated snacks available to customers worldwide. After spending about 2 years in market research, product development & in getting the product right, they are now ready to launch their offerings in retail stores, starting with UK this year.

The brand has full control over the entire supply chain- from crop plantation to processing and packing; which helps maintain strict quality checks right up to the final snack, further ensuring integrity, consistency and food safety for its customers.
The name and identity of Wild Plains has been created for people seeking healthy snacks that taste just like the fruit because they have been minimally processed & sourced straight from the wild plains of Tanzania! To achieve their core mission, Wild Plains has partnered with socially conscious and acclaimed Non-profit organizations in Africa for promoting Education, Health & Hygiene, Sustainable farming, Conservation & Community Development. With the purchase of each pack the customer is assured of not only the best tasting and the healthiest fruit snacks but also of their contribution to drive meaningful socio environmental impact.
All Wild Plains snacks have no added sugar, no added preservatives (are sulphur free) and are high in fibre content. Customers have four fruit snacks to choose from: Pineapple, Mango, Banana & Papaya.

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