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Free From Food Awards Tasting

25 Mar 2024
New Products Tasting Theatre
Hospitality , Retail , Import/ Export , NPD , Wholesale & Distribution , Chefs , Catering / Foodservice

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The Free From Food Awards are the UK’s ONLY awards dedicated to Free From food and drink.

Join this tasting showcase of Free From Awards gold-winning companies and go under the cover of innovation at its finest...


What does innovation look like in Free From? 

Whether products are replicating foods and drinks popular in the main category offer, trying something new, or using innovative and different formats of ingredients, all aspects are considered. 

We want brands to ensure they get the message across about Free From goods- think differently about what innovation in Free From can look like, and most importantly the positive impact it can have on consumers all over the world. 


Borough 22 Doughnuts will be taking to the floor to showcase, sample and discuss their cutting-edge products. 

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Seedful is a promise to provide you with a range of products that harness the natural power of seeds to fuel your body and mind.

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Seedful: Nourishing Your Wellness Journey, One Seed at a Time.


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