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New Product Pitch Hour - Drinks

25 Mar 2024
New Products Tasting Theatre
Hospitality , Retail , Import/ Export , NPD , Wholesale & Distribution , Chefs , Catering / Foodservice

Grab a front-row seat to this drinks-focused product launch pitching session with Tide Coffee, Santhiyagu Ceylon Co, Win Win Water and Better Food Mood. Hear from the faces behind the brands as they talk through their unique products, provide samples and answer your questions.

Meet the brands:

Tide Coffee           

Tide Coffee LogoAt Tide we make drinks with purpose to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Based on science but made to fit your daily routine. Influenced by the ocean, we are passionate about blue health and that feel good moment by the sea. The sea breeze and gentle sun. The ocean adventures and sundowners. Drink Tide. Make Waves.

Caffeine Forward Coffee - Our new caffeine forward range of coffee is the first in the UK to show the milligram content of caffeine on the packaging so you know exactly how much caffeine you are consuming. This is combined with our Sleep Well system that will recommend how much caffeine you should be consuming based on your caffeine sensitivity and when you drink coffee. The system helps you choose the right amount of caffeine at sunrise, midday and sunset so you can enjoy all the health benefits of coffee while still enjoying a great night's sleep. The product portfolio includes Nespresso compatible capsules, whole bean coffee and ground coffee and comes in five different strengths:

  • Decaf
  • ¼ Caff
  • ½ Caff
  • ¾ Caff
  • Full Caff


SanthiyaguSanthiyagu Ceylon Co. stands as a dynamic and rapidly growing food & beverage company in Sri Lanka. Our diverse portfolio encompasses a range of business activities, positioning us as a multifaceted player in the food & beverage industry.

In recent years, our company has achieved a significant growth in exports. Company’s primary exports comprise products such as Ceylon tea, Ceylon coffee, Ceylon cinnamon, spices and herbal products. Our extensive product line also includes a variety of beverages, processed food, coconut-based products, and dried fruits.

We are involved in product development and private labelling. We collaborate with clients, undertaking bespoke projects to research and develop products tailored to their exact requirements and specifications. Our company also provides warehousing, manufacturing, co-packaging, storage and distribution services to many local brands and exporters.

Santhiyagu Ceylon Co. is certified with ISO 22000:2018 for Food Safety Management, Good Manufacturing Practice and HACCP quality standards.

Win Win Water

Win Win Water LogoThe UK's first 100% plant-based & fully biodegradable alkaline electrolyte mineral spring water.






Better Food Mood 

Better food mood logoBetter Food Mood is a brand based around two passions of nutrition and self-development. Ruchi creates products that may help improve our health and wellness naturally such as herbal teas, superfood blends and seed mixes (breakfast toppers). Their mission is to help people eat better and live happier.






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