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New Product Pitch Hour - Health, Organic & Natural

27 Mar 2024
New Products Tasting Theatre
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In the market for a new health, organic or natural product which will sweep consumers off their feet? Then look no further and join this exciting live pitching session where producers will showcase the finest of this category with samples and unique stories. 

Meet the brands:

The Keto Elf

The Keto Elf LogoWelcome to The Keto Elf, where our award-winning keto crackers redefine snacking. With a commitment to clean and nutritious ingredients, we've crafted a guilt-free indulgence that's as delicious as it is wholesome. Gluten-free, vegan, and diabetic-friendly, our crackers are a celebration of flavor and well-being. We're on a mission to make healthy snacking an everyday joy for our global community. More than a brand, we're a lifestyle choice, dedicated to making well-being accessible without compromising on taste. Join us on a journey where each bite is a step towards balance. At The Keto Elf, we're not just crafting crackers; we're setting a new standard for what snacks can be.



Foodhak logo


Foodhak believes that you should never have to compromise between living healthily, eating beautifully, and spending time on the things you love.  A meal delivery service like no other.  All gluten free, low GI, anti-inflammatory, dairy free and egg free, refined sugar free and most of all, delicious.






We are HealicHealicious Logoious, and our passion is MILLETS! Millets are an ancient superfood we are reviving for today’s modern palate — gluten-free, high in fibre, packed with vitamins and minerals, and with a low glycemic index, too! Millets come in a huge variety, each with their own unique flavours, characteristics and nutrient profile. We’ve taken a few of our favourites to launch Healicious with two products: A beautiful Foxtail Millet Fusilli Pasta, and two millet varieties (Kodo and Barnyard) in quick and convenient par-boiled ready-to-eat microwavable pouches. Celebrate millets, the little giants! These resilient sustainable crops require minimal water, stand tall against drought, and can grow all year round, outperforming rice, wheat, and more. Ready to change your grain? Eat Healicious!


Roar & Natto K2


Roar LogoROAR enters the high-protein dessert market with a promise to transform your culinary experience. Gone are the days of settling for basic protein bars or uninspiring puddings. ROAR offers a revolutionary alternative, delivering a product that will elevate your eating experience. With over 20g of protein in each pot these delicious products crafted by our team deliver a taste experience in every indulgent layer of the dessert.

Over 10 months of meticulous development by a highly trained and experienced chef, ROAR has crafted a clever twist that is poised to revolutionise the protein market. With its array of textures and five distinct flavours, ROAR stands out from the competition, boasting naturally sourced and environmentally friendly ingredients that speak to today's conscientious consumer. This decadent dessert, rich in protein and slow-releasing carbohydrates, not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also supports muscle growth, enhances recovery time, and provides essential antioxidants and minerals for your body's needs.

What sets ROAR apart is its special mixing process, which combines organic molasses and olive fats to gradually break down sugar molecules, imparting a subtle nutty taste. Whether it's the refreshing tang of mandarin puree in "Jaffa Break," the velvety richness of high-quality chocolate in "Double Chocolate," or the delightful combination of fresh raspberry puree and white chocolate in "Raspberry Blondie," each flavour promises an unforgettable taste experience while maintaining low sugar content and aligning with your dietary goals.

With its low sugar content, ROAR hits the sweet spot, curbing cravings and supporting your training objectives, making it suitable for serious gym-goers, weekend enthusiasts or anyone looking for a nutritious dessert alternative.. Whether enjoyed on the go, as a snack, a breakfast indulgence, or a post-workout treat, ROAR fits seamlessly into your lifestyle, boosting productivity during business meetings or revitalizing you after exercise, or even... well, you know what we mean.

Indulge guilt-free with ROAR, the delicious, high-protein dessert that redefines satisfaction and revitalizes your taste buds with every spoonful. Experience the roar of flavour and embrace a new era of indulgence today.

Get ready for an exclusive new product launch alongside Roar!

Introducing Natto K2! Developed from fermented soya beans, this innovative product is a superfood prebiotic packed with essential nutrients and stands out as a major leader in Atherosclerosis prevention, and a leader in plant sources of vitamin K2. After years of dedicated research and development, We want to present a range of Natto K2 products that redefines your understanding of health!

If you've ever experienced the sticky, slimy texture of traditional Natto, you might associate it with the pungent aroma of smelly cheese a mouth feel of raw oysters and look of frog spawn. But here's the twist! Imagine getting your daily dose of this fantastic vitamin in the form of a cookie, cupcake, or even a delectable truffle. The benefits of vitamin K2 are vast, ranging from promoting gut and bone health to reducing calcification in arteries. With our Natto K2 truffle, you can indulge in a delicious treat while supporting your overall well-being. With formula 1 precision, and dedication to detail, an ingenious new product has been developed, and they are ‘engineered with the same precision as an F1 tyre.

Curious to learn more? Visit us at stand 575N in the startup market to discover the story behind Natto K2 and explore the possibilities it holds for your health!

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