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New Product Pitch Hour - Health, Organic & Natural

25 Mar 2024
New Products Tasting Theatre
Hospitality , Retail , Import/ Export , NPD , Wholesale & Distribution , Chefs , Catering / Foodservice , Restaurateurs

In the market for a new health, organic or natural product which will sweep consumers off their feet? Then look no further and join this exciting live pitching session where producers will showcase the finest of this category with samples and unique stories. Meet Nosh, The Berry Farmacy, Pure Coaties and Dofreeze with Eurocake Premium.

Meet the Brands:


NOSH logo

Nosh is a food technology innovator. It supplies the UKs only prepackaged self-heating ready meals, integrating its "Steamy" technology. Combining vending and high-quality self-heating meals, Nosh offers fresh, hot meals available anytime, anywhere; no microwaves, no heating appliances. Driven by a love of food, Nosh is on a mission to provide delicious, healthy hot meals for busy lifestyles. Using the highest quality ingredients, responsibly sourced and prepared with care, Nosh is able to deliver restaurant-quality meals for our clients. Our menu is seasonally curated by experienced chefs and tailored bespoke for our client demographics. At Nosh, we build long-term relationships with clients to nourish their staff through a combination of convenient access, transparency, and great-tasting nutritious options. We're thrilled to introduce the Steamy technology to help empower new delivery models into the market.

Introducing the Steamy by Nosh - a groundbreaking self-heating ready meal package that's revolutionising on-the-go dining. Utilising cutting-edge, patented technology, the Steamy harnesses the power of steam to heat prepacked meals without microwaves or heating appliances. Simply pull the cord and within minutes savour a delicious piping hot, chef-crafted dish. With its sustainable packaging and unparalleled ease of use, Steamy is redefining the way we enjoy hot meals on the move.  Experience the future of hot food-to-go with Steamy by Nosh.

The Berry Farmacy

Berry Farmacy LogoWe are a South African based producer / exporter of authentic berry-based, cold-pressed and cold-pasteurized juice blends that are nutrient-rich for naturally sustained vitality. Our roots lie in berry farming and our products are made at artisanal scale to retain maximal nutrition and sustainability promise. We produce a function-forward juice blend for those making a conscious choice to consume mindfully. Our commitment to trustworthiness ensures a reliable companion on your path to well-being, with the world’s highest level of food safety certification as assurance. This go-to beverage seamlessly integrates into your daily routine, providing sustained vitality and flavour that resonates with purpose. It’s more than a drink, it's a lifestyle choice—an authentic, mindful expression of your dedication to your wellbeing. Embrace the richness of natural goodness, as our juice becomes a trusted ally in your holistic journey, making wellness an integral part of your everyday life.

Pure Coaties

Pure Coaties Logo

PURE COATIES are delicious raw pastries for ALLA consumers.

Based on healthy whole grain oat flakes, palm free margarine, coated with sugar free chocolate and sweetened with nutritious date paste, there are no allergens to stop people to enjoy. Made without gluten, milk, soya, nuts, they are also palm fat free as well as vegan.



Eurocake Premium Logo


Dofreeze is a diversified and trend-setting premium bakery snacking company established since 1999, with its main manufacturing base in Dubai. The key strengths of Dofreeze are its high level of manufacturing know-how capability combined with a very strong and collaborative network within global FMCG category. Dofreeze products are sold across 5 continents to over  50  countries. At Dofreeze, innovation is at the core of our mission. We’re committed to revolutionizing the bakery industry by shifting the focus from commoditization to premiumization. Our goal? To meet consumers’ desire for indulgence, health, a good life, and convenience.

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