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New Product Pitch Hour - Plant Based and Vegan

26 Mar 2024
New Products Tasting Theatre
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Learn all about the latest plant-based and vegan products by joining our live pitching session with Ro-Gro, Up 'N' Mellow and Uhhmami. Attend this session for an exclusive front row seat to sample brand new products and quiz first time producers. 

Meet the brands:


Rogro logo

Ro-Gro is a modern vertical farm growing salad and microgreens in Kent. A family farm with a 110-year history focusing on fresh, quality produce grown with sustainability in mind. Ro-Gro uses aeroponic technology developed by LettUs Grow to grow salad and microgreens with maximum health benefits and minimum environmental impact by using less water, less fertiliser, no pesticides and no soil. Ro-Gro is also working with scientists and researchers in food innovation to develop farming methods that contribute to more sustainable, healthier diets.

In an industry first, Ro-Gro is leading the way by bringing the very first biofortified pea shoots to market. The pea shoots are fortified with B12 through water irrigation, a 30g portion of Ro-Gro Pea Shoots will have an adult’s recommended daily allowance (RDA) of 2.5µg (micrograms), that is similar to a cooked 250g piece of steak. B12 is a common deficiency, particularly for those on a plant-based diet. The pea shoots are also a high source of vitamins C, K and A, as well as a source of fibre, potassium and phosphorus, all of which are important for a healthy diet.

Up 'N' Mellow

Up n Mellow LogoUp 'N' Mellow are a premium vegan brand that makes luxury ready-to-eat nut porridges. Our products are highly nutritious as sources of protein and/or fibre, delicious and easy to prepare. 100% vegan, dairy free and organic.

There are 10 exciting flavours to choose from: Instant Peanut Porridge; Instant Peanut & Mango Porridge; Instant Cashew Nut Porridge; Instant Cashew Nut & Mango Porridge; Instant Almond Nut Porridge; Instant Almond Nut & Mango Porridge; Instant Pecan Nut Porridge; Instant Pecan Nut and Mango Porridge; Instant Walnut Porridge and Instant Walnut & Mango Porridge. A perfect start to your day and brilliant for any occasion. 

Great for breakfast, post-school run, mid-morning and afternoon snack, break-time, to take on a hike or for post-run/gym workout, before bed or as night time treats. Great substitute for toast, snack bars and oats-based porridge too. Handcrafted with premium ingredients to give you that massive energy boost you need to be at your best all day. 


Uhhmami logo

Pioneered by Michelin-star chef Frank Lantz, Uhhmami is a vegan brand that transforms classic dishes we all know and love into yummy, plant-based alternatives.

Uhhmami isn’t all about imitating the elements of meat-based flavours but rather reinventing them to create brand new tastes using fresh, organic and cruelty-free ingredients.

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