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Ultra Processed Foods: What Is All The Fuss About?

25 Mar 2024
Trends & Innovation Platform
Catering / Foodservice , NPD , Retail
UPF - how should the industry be reacting? Gain diverse perspectives from category expert Debbie Davies of Contigo Management, using behavioural science platform, Vypr, along with a product development and retailer perspective from TRKR. To balance views, learn also from nutritional specialist Andy Salter, of the University of Nottingham. The panel will provide a thought provoking discussion as to the future, and what our approach should be towards Ultra Processed Foods.
Ben Davies, Founder - Vypr
Andy Salter, Emeritus Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry - University of Nottingham
Mark Thomson, Co-founder and Director - TRKR
Debbie Davies, Founder - Contigo Management Limited

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