Trends in bakery are steering in a health-conscious direction, as consumers are more aware than ever of their carb consumption. Vivid colours and ethnic flavours are ways in which brands will be making their baked goods more memorable.


Bakery products containing vegetables are a way for companies to tap into health and aesthetic markets using vegetables like carrots and beetroot to colour the dough. Despite this, vegetarian-based bread is still fairly rare at the moment, with just 6% of bread production in Europe falling into this category.

Hovis has introduced a range of low carbohydrate breads that are said to contain 30% less carbohydrates than normal loaves. Look out for ‘Softy and Tasty White’ and ‘Deliciously Seeded’.

International bread

Indian breads are seeing a rise in exposure, as types other than naan start to become more popular. Poas from Goa is a light, fluffy bread often used for stuffing with meat or vegetables. Kulcha is a mildly leavened flatbread and paratha is another flatbread that is prevalent across India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. A kati roll is a street-food dish originating from Kolkata, and in its original form is a skewer-roasted kebab wrapped in paratha bread.

Ancient grains

Ancient grains are also making a comeback, with varieties such as quinoa, amaranth, spelt and Khorasan particularly notable. Gluten-free bread that closely replicates standard bread is seeing a rise as health-conscious eating continues to grow. Nordic breads like rye and wholegrain are seeing a surge in popularity, as are artisan bakeries for consumers who value quality and variety from their baked goods.

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