It looks unlikely that cheese’s popularity is going to wane any time soon. Not only are traditional cheese sales booming, but dairy-free alternatives are seeing a rise too in line with today’s emphasis on a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Artisanal cheeses

Artisan cheeses have been making a comeback in the last decade, and this trend looks set to continue as processed cheese is taking a backseat. However, dairy-free alternatives are also gaining popularity in line with the rise of animal product-free diets.

Barber’s Farmhouse Cheesemakers is the oldest surviving cheddar maker in the world and exhibited with us at IFE 2019. They’re a great example of the kind of artisan cheese expected to gain exposure in 2019.


Expect also to see cheeze (dairy-free cheese) cropping up everywhere, from restaurants to ready meals. Wicked Kitchen will soon launch a variety of new ready meals, like Filthy Fiery Fries (Texas-style roasted potato wedges with BBQ pulled mushrooms, jalapenos and cheeze) and Big Bros Enchiladas (spiced beans and rice, roasted sweet potato, jalapeno cheeze, topped with spiced red sauce and roasted corn salsa).

Discover below what some of our 2019 exhibitors are offering in this category.


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