Stay supercharged with aqua carpatica

It’s been a long, hot summer and although we’re entering autumn’s cooler months, we all know that temperatures can soar inside Olympia throughout the duration of the Fair.

Happily, this year visitors and exhibitors avoided overheating in the aisles by enjoying the healthiest form of hydration, courtesy of the Fair’s exclusive water partners - AQUA Carpatica.

This premium quality, natural spring water brand kindly supplied samples throughout the Fair - giving everyone the opportunity to stay fully refreshed whilst experiencing its clean, pure taste. Available in Natural Still Mineral Water and Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water - AQUA Carpatica accommodates all preferences with a sophisticated and stylish solution.

Here are 20 reasons to try AQUA Carpatica for yourself!

From a Unique Source

  1. The unspoilt forests of the Carpathian Mountains of Romania are far removed from West London’s busy, traffic-filled streets. Be sure to take a moment to indulge in the crisp natural taste of the protected springs where AQUA Carpatica is uniquely sourced and transport yourself to a place of calm and serenity
  2. Untouched and unspoilt: This stunning mountain range is surrounded by the largest virgin forests in Europe which hosts more than 60% of Europe’s natural springs – it’s the finest possible natural source water on the planet

The Best Things Take Time

  1. Millions of years of volcanic activity in the region has enriched the water with valuable minerals
  2. The natural hydro-geological journey that the water takes as it filters underground through the mountain’s rock strata takes between 20 - 40 years before it finally springs from its natural source
  3. This guarantees a 100% natural filtration process that entirely removes the need for any additional treatment or intervention meaning it is microbiologically and physically-chemically pure and perfect!

Delivering Exceptional Taste

  1. This epic geological journey is responsible for imparting an equally epic taste, all thanks to the water’s natural alkalinity and very low sodium content of just 0.6mg/litre – one of the lowest of all the waters on the market
  2. These entire process leads to a natural mineral water that is renowned for its authenticity and integrity

Healthy Life Choices

  1. AQUA Carpatica’s mission is to sustain healthier life choices and to offer consumers simply the best and purest water
  2. Importantly, AQUA Carpatica Natural Still Mineral Water is virtually nitrate-free, whilst AQUA Carpatica Natural Sparkling Mineral Water is completely nitrate-free, making both the perfect choice for active people, those with high blood pressure, children and expectant mothers
  3. Healthy hydration is essential for everyone and high-quality mineral water helps to impart health and wellness
  4. This bottled water also contains natural electrolytes to improve hydration as well as calcium and magnesium

Style & Sustainability

  1. AQUA Carpatica’s pure water is packaged in beautifully designed bottles made with recyclable glass and BPA-free PET bottles
  2. Customers can benefits from the brand’s underlying environmental credentials, whilst simultaneously delivering fantastic on-shelf standout with its elegant, eye-catching design
  3. This exceptional water is responsibly bottled at source with unique provenance whilst ensuring a sustainable and transparent supply chain

For All Occasions

  1. AQUA Carpatica is the only supplier, which provides still, naturally sparkling and ‘intensely’ naturally sparking mineral water under the same brand in a variety of bottle sizes for every occasion, from 330ml to 1500ml, as well as

Award Winning

  1. AQUA Carpatica’s has won numerous awards for its quality, purity and unique taste profile these include this year’s prestigious iTQi Crystal Taste Award 2019 from the International Taste & Quality Institute. This is a coveted award granted to products that have been awarded three stars, three years in a row – recognition of AQUA Carpatica’s outstanding portfolio
  2. The world’s foremost certified water sommelier and member of the jury, Mr. Martin Riese described “the smoothest texture of the water combined with the fine perlage makes AQUA Carpatica an outstanding water with a rich mouthfeel and beautiful structured carbonation”
  3. Additionally, the brand also scooped the Gold medal in the Balanced Waters of Character category at the 3rd edition of Gourmet Waters International Contest organised by the Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products (AVPA) in Paris and a wealth of 5-star reviews

Spreading the Word and the Water

  1. Internationally, AQUA Carpatica is a huge success in more than 18 countries with dynamic growth since 2011.
  2. Here in the UK the brand is stocked by leading retailers and wholesalers as AQUA Carpatica seeks to continue to widen its distribution network as an acclaimed and highly sought after bottled water

Elena Attanasio, Event Manager for Speciality & Fine Food Fair concludes: “We all know that the Fair is a busy, vibrant environment, so we were thrilled to have a special water partner on board to keep visitors and exhibitors healthily hydrated throughout the three days. For the past twenty year’s Speciality & fine Food Fair has championed brands renowned for their exceptional quality and uniqueness which made AQUA Carpatica a perfect fit. Bottled mineral waters are very important to visitors who are looking for brands that meet the high quality standards but that also satisfy the ethical demands of today’s shoppers. AQUA Carpatica does just that.”