Consumers are becoming more and more health conscious, and this doesn’t stop with their drink choices. Non-alcoholic alternatives to spirits are becoming increasingly popular. Consumers are also in search of beverages with benefits, such as coffee with added protein powder. This also stretches further to the vessels used, as people become increasingly environmentally aware, they seek reusable or recyclable packaging.

With people moving away from the bigger brands to the more specialist brands, craft drinks look to continue in popularity with a growing number of London pubs deciding to only stock craft lagers and ales. Move over craft beers - 2019 looks like the beginning of the rise of craft sparkling water, wine & spirits.

Non-alcoholic & low alcoholic drinks

'It’s becoming a category you need to be in” - Fullers

According to the Office of National Statistics, the proportion of Brits regularly drinking is at its lowest (56.9%) since 2005. While 5 million people also signed up to Dry January 2018 indicating huge opportunities in this every growing sector.   

The rise of whiskey and rum

Consumer demand for gin doesn't seem to be slowing, but what is the next big thing in the spirit world? Rum is definitely on the rise, as sales soared by 17% in Britain with more than 150 brands on the market. There is however still room in this market, as the trend is forecast to increase in 2019 especially for Millennials. 

Unique craft drinks

This isn't just referring to craft beers; craft sparkling water is set to be a huge trend in 2019, with the use of metal cans helping to make it cleaner for you and for the environment. Moreover, individuality really matters to consumers with more and more shying away from the big brands for independently run companies who offer more of a 'personalised touch'.   

Beverages with benefits

From added protein powder in drinks to the use of plastic packaging, consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact their beverages have. With Tenzing natural energy drink leading the way and we're expecting to see more natural energy drinks enter the market. 

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