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Welcome to Focșani, Vrancea. It's our home since 1982. For over 40 years we have been producing poultry meat under the well-known name Avicola Focsani. Through hard work and skill we have proudly mastered the perfect combination of novelty and tradition in order to keep up with the times and people's tastes. This is how our new brand Ferma Vranceana was born, a bold approach in which we take the benefits of modern technology and spice them up with the warmth, passion and experience of a family business. To make sure our chickens remain reliable, we leave nothing to chance. From state-of-the-art hatcheries, to the agricultural division that feeds birds with grain from our own farms, to slaughterhouses with the highest national and international certifications, we strive to put the highest quality products on people's tables. Although the world has changed and we have changed with it, we have preferred to stay in Vrancea. We find that chicken is better at home. The air of the curving Carpathians workshopuri better the birds. Many people have told us that a chicken from Ferma Vranceana tastes a bit different than other birds. Perhaps the fact that Vrancea is the area with the highest seismic activity in the country makes our chickens healthier, better trained by the tectonic plate, and therefore they taste better. Anyway, forgive us for talking so lovingly about our work but we love our job and we ar not shy to acknowledging it. We are a Romanian business, with tradition with stayed în the family. And sometimes this is the most important thing. Anyone can buy machinery, but soul and skill are not to be found everywhere. We assure you that you will always find skill in any Ferma Vrânceană product. Enjoy your meal!




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