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Bespoke Tetra Solutions

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  • Drinks @ HRC & IFE
Bespoke Tetra Solutions

Bespoke Tetra solutions aims to provide a unique and sustainable solution to the hospitality industry in the UK for cartons of water. We specialise in small production runs of 12 pallets of private label tetra packed water as well as Glass bottles, allowing businesses to showcase their brand on eco-friendly packaging.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

Bespoke Tetra Solutions offers tailer-made eco- friendly hydration solutions, allowing hospitality businesses to enhance their brand presence through custom-branded Tetra pack water. These unique cartons are made from 88% Plant based materials, the cap and neck of the carton, whilst plastic in their fell and appearance, are actually produced from sugar cane!


Market Analysis

  • Industry Trends: The growing demand for sustainable and personalised products in the hospitality sector.
  • Target Audience: Hotels, restaurants, cafes, event venues and other hospitality businesses.
  • Competitive advantage: Customisation sustainable packaging, and flexibility in production quantities.

Products and Services:

  • Custom-branded Tetra pack water with business logos and images.
  • Custom-branded Glass branded water with business logos and images.
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging
  • Small Production runs, low investment into packaging and allows for the diverse needs of hospitality businesses.


  • Source materials responsibly.
  • Promote eco-friendly practices within the production process.
  • Provide information on the environmental benefits of Tetra packaging.


Bespoke Tetra solutions is poised to revolutionise the way hospitality businesses approach hydration solutions. With a commitment to sustainability, customisation, and flexibility, we aim to become the go- to partner for personalised Tetra pack water in the UK hospitality industry.  


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