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Daily Good

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Daily Good

Daily Good is a purpose driven brand that provides a well-rounded health boost.

Produced in New Zealand by Red Shoots Ltd, a privately owned FMCG brand incubator with purpose.

Daily Good is a multi-award-winning range of delicious immunity shots that are fortified with zinc and packed with natural and organic ingredients to provide a well-rounded health boost that naturally supports immunity. Each shot contains 7x 50ml daily shots, that can be enjoyed neat, or diluted in hot or sparkling water.

All the work that Daily Good does allows them to support its partner farm, Ranadi Organics in Fiji. Ranadi Organics provides Daily Good with organically grown Fijian Turmeric and Ginger. Both the ginger and the turmeric are nurtured using only regenerative, biodiverse, organic techniques.

The Daily Good product range comes in three variants.

  • Daily Good Fiji Turmeric Immunity Shots,
  • Daily Good Blackcurrant Immunity Shots, and
  • Daily Good Fiji Ginger Immunity Shots.

At Red Shoots, we believe that good ingredients make great brands, which is why we pride ourselves on not only what we put in but what we leave out. Our broader portfolio of brands includes.

Good Cocktail Co – A range of delicious alcohol-Free Cocktail Mixers for all cocktail lovers to enjoy.

  • Good Cocktail Co’s alcohol-free cocktail mixers are proudly crafted in New Zealand using only five natural ingredients including botanical extracts, fruit juices, and pure New Zealand water. They are a proud ‘no-nasties’ option that is 100% vegan, free from artificial flavours and sweeteners, free from gluten and non-GMO.
  • Available in four authentic flavours
    • Mojito
    • Margarita
    • Daiquiri
  • For more information visit

Just Fresh Co – A pure range of 100% juice, nothing else.

  • Just Fresh Co’s range of freshly squeezed juices are made from fresh ginger and turmeric roots sourced from our partner farms in Fiji. Sustainably grown, naturally rich and flavourful our range tastes as nature intended, with no preservatives nor concentrates, just fresh juice. Conveniently packed in a resealable pouch, simply open and pour to enhance any recipe or beverage creation.
  • Available in two punchy flavours
    • Ginger
    • Turmeric

For more information visit 


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