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The Efarm company has over  22 years of experiece in the meat industry and business activity.


We are breeding turkeys since 1982. We lead them in three places.

We have also grown cereals and increase our crops every year.


Since 1999 we opened a poultry slaughterhouse. Our main products are turkey and chicken boneless trimmings without skin or with skin..


We also produce chicken and turkey meat in elements with bone and skin.

Turkey and chicken meat production plant.

Poultry farming.

Cereals cultivation.


Main products:

- turkey cuts:  trimmings, wings, legs, fillet, boneless, skinless or skin on, bone in , MDM

- chicken cuts, thigh, wings, drumsticks, fillet, CLQ, bone in, boneless skinless or skin on

- whole turkey birds

- “ready to cook” poultry frozen products




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