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Xinning County Shundi Tea Co., Ltd., (EMPEROR SHUN TEA CO.,LTD.) established in May 2015, is a national high-tech enterprise invested and established in his hometown, a leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization in Hunan Province, and a professional in Hunan Province in response to the call of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government to "welcome to his hometown, return to his hometown, and build his hometown". Special new enterprise. Focusing on the target positioning of "famous mountains and famous teas" proposed by the Xinning County Party Committee and County Government, the company focuses on the protection and utilization of Shunhuangshan wild tea. It has completed a total investment of more than 40 million yuan, repaired 3 kilometers of Xianggui Ancient Road, established 15,200 mu of Shunhuangshan wild tea protection base, and built a new annual output of 100 tons of tea. The factory, Jiqiling wild tea breeding base 320 mu, Shunhuangshan old mountain boundary and forest summer health care center and other infrastructure, successfully registered trademarks such as Dizi Lingya, obtained black tea, green tea, yellow tea, white tea, substitute tea (Qingqianliu) and other tea product production licenses, and obtained the most valuable park of the world's Hunan merchants. , China Agricultural Technology Association Wild Tea Science and Technology Academy, Hunan Province Wild Tea Township, Hunan Province Rural Tourism Five-star Scenic Area (Point), Hunan Province Agricultural Product Export Quality and Safety Demonstration Base and Hunan Daxiang West Tea Tourism Integration Demonstration Base and other honorary titles; Forest Wild Tea Emperor Zi Lingya products have been recognized by China, the European Union and the United States organic food. Certificate, Top Ten Product Brands of Hunan Black Tea, Gold Award of Hunan Cultural Tourism Commodity Competition, etc.; Qingqianliu Black Tea was listed as one of the "100 Major Scientific and Technological Innovation Projects in Hunan Province" and "Top Ten Innovative Products of 100 Billion Tea Industry" in 2018; established 1 enterprise technical standard and applied for 8 patents; Zheng Heneng was rated as Shaoyang The city's Xiaohe science and technology talent, Tang Shouqiang won the first prize of the all-round award and Baoqing craftsman in the 2023 Shaoyang Hong tea competition.





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