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  • Food & Drink (Goods)
  • Halal certification europe
  • Chilled
  • Free-from
  • Protein
  • Vitamins & minerals
  • Halal
  • BBQ-Barbeque
  • Feel good
  • On the go
  • Sustainable
  • Charcuterie & cured meats
  • Poultry & fowl
  • Processed meats
  • Ready meals
  • International Pavilions

Cocorico - The All-Natural Chicken Brand

AAylex ONE, major fresh chicken meat producer in Romania, with 40 years of know-how in constant production innovation, is a vertically & horizontally integrated sustainable business, organized beyond “from farm to fork” system, producing The All-Natural chicken brand, Cocorico.

Cocorico chicken is appreciated for its premium quality products in douzaines of countries with high interest for the gastronomic culture and healthy food, such as UK, France, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovak or United Arab Emirates.

We produce The All-Healthy - All-Natural chicken protein, in various product forms, for today’s consumers: raw, ready to cook and ready to eat.

We are probably the most certified company in the food industry - meat - in Romania! Cocorico is the only Romanian brand certified for its CHICKEN RAISED IN WELFARE. SUSTAINABLE by TUV AUSTRIA and by SGS for its unique all-natural composition. These unique certifications prove that our chickens are raised with care and in the best condition, providing superior qualitative products, in a sustainable manner.

Humanely treated and ethically raised in a natural cycle, moving freely on natural straw sheets, breathing fresh air, and filtered water, our chickens are fed all-natural, with cereals, soy, and natural oils, FREE OF: animal protein meals, food additives, antibiotics, or hormones to enhance growth. Without genetically modified organisms (100% pure and internalized genetics), Cocorico chicken meat has a special rich nutritional profile. We respect the highest biosecurity standards, and we produce the healthiest and most naturally tender chicken meat, ideal for consumers of all ages and preferences.

Our integrated production management systems comply with the most demanding standards for food safety, environment, and social responsibility, such as BRC, IFS, FSSC, BSCI, ISO, BRCGS-ETRS, SGS or HALAL.

Unique through exceptional technological standards, such as "No Product Touch" and through innovative products, finalists and repeatedly awarded at international events in London, (2023, The World Food Innovations Awards), Milan (2023- Better Future Awards), Amsterdam (2023 New Product Expo), Paris (Sial Innovation Awards 2022), Innovative Brand of the Year (2023, Chamber of Commerce). In 2023 we’ve obtained the "Premium for Excellence in Quality - The International Diamond Prize Award", obtained this summer in Brussels, being the only Romanian company that received this recognition, along with 47 other participating companies, at world level.

We ensure that our products can be consumed by anyone, regardless of their religion constraints, therefore we have obtained the special HALAL certification issued by RACS – the international HALAL certification body specializing in the Gulf Cooperation Council region (Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates), and also the HALAL certification from the Imam of the Muslim Community of Bucharest. This certifies that our poultry meat is produced in accordance with the SHARIAT (the sacred law of Islam), in all its forms (raw or processed: ready- to eat).

In raw meat, we introduced the innovative “Selfie&Share” concept, creating unique product sizes that consumers can choose when they eat Single or Share with their families, in order to save resources, eat healthy & fresh, and fight anti - food waste.

Our ready-to-eat chicken product innovations Cocorici, CocoBaked and CocoPastrami are produced at the highest quality standards, using cutting-edge technology (such as NO PROUDUCT TOUCH, the consumer being the first to touch the product). With spectacular taste and 100% clean labels (no nitrites, preservatives, additives etc.), our products are ideal for all consumers, without any restrictions, adaptable for any country’s food culture. Tasteful and versatile, our chicken specialties are ready-to-eat right from the pack, or ready to be only heated for a couple of minutes and prepared together with your favorite salads or simple natural dishes, saving you time, effort, and economic resources.




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