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NATTO K2 & ROAR Protein Desserts

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NATTO K2 & ROAR Protein Desserts


ROAR is an exciting and versatile alternative to the already done protein bar. Through 10 months of R&D from a highly trained and experienced chef, this clever twist is set to revolutionise the protein market. The incredible flavour combinations along with the naturally sourced and environmentally friendly ingredients is an exciting start. This high in protein decadent dessert, is slow carbohydrate releasing, helps build muscle, improves recovery time and provides your body with essential antioxidants and minerals.

The special mixing processes used combines the organic molasses and olive fats together gradually breaking down the sugar molecules creating a distinct but subtle nutty taste. When combined with the fresh mandarin puree in the "Jaffa Break", OR the high quality chocolate used in the "Double Chocolate", OR the fresh raspberry puree and white chocolate in the "Raspberry Blondie", an incredible taste experience is achieved while remaining low in sugar and great for your overall dietary needs.

This product is low in sugar and is sure to hit that sweet spot suppressing those cravings and helping you hit your training goals if you have them. Something that is great for anyone in the gym all the way to diabetics. 

ROAR can be eaten - "on the go", as a snack, a daily breakfast treat, or after dinner surprise, at a business meeting break to boast output, after a brisk way, a run or any form of exercise, dare we say, even after sex, this delicious high protein healthy dessert hits the spot and revitalises ready for another session. 


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