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Sagem is part of the Safir group of companies, Sagem owns 8 rural farms where the processes of clean-air breeding, dye-free feeding and welfare-friendly care of our fowl comply with European standards and provide them with a controlled environment with high biosecurity level.

The farms are fully modernized and equipped with high-performance machinery. All chickens enjoy a controlled and bio secure environment in accordance with European animal welfare standards.

The farm’s location in a rural area without industrial pollutants means that the chickens are raised in clean air, which has a positive influence on the quality of their meat.

The products obtained with the help of chickens from farms are:

  • Deliciosul de Vaslui, products made of natural white-pinkish meat, without coloring agents, which come from poultry bred in our own rural farms.
  • Zdravăn Moldovenesc, Romanian products made from slow-growing, free-range and dye-free poultry. The farms are located near the forest and the chickens are fed daily by hand in the traditional way by local people.
  • Răsfăț Românesc, craft preparations and semi-preparations according to original recipes, made only from fresh natural additive-free poultry and 100% natural spices. The new purple packaging is a real experience of how our products are made.

We are the only producer of slow-growing chickens in Romania that does not interfere with the color of the meat, we do not use dyes in our feeds. We are the first meat producers in Romania to We hold the only Beter Leven 1* animal welfare certificate in Romania with standards of daily partial hand feeding of premium breed birds, with permanent access to natural light and outdoor access.

The poultry slaughterhouse has implemented an integrated management system in accordance with the ISO 9001, 14001, 22000, 45001, BRC, IFS, YUM and BLK standards, the Cucorăni and Leorda slow-growing chicken farms IKB and BLK and the ISO 9001 preparation factory, 14001, 22000, 45001.

We respect and offer favorable growing conditions for our birds to obtain the best quality products. For partners, we ensure compliance with all criteria regarding bird care and rearing operations.




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