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Tesoro Amazónico

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Tesoro Amazónico is the fruit of years of multiple experiences lived in Peru

At Tesoro Amazónico, Chocolateria Artesanal Amazonica, throughout the process, we use artisanal methods with state-of-the-art equipment. In this way, we ensure that we offer the aromas and profiles of the grain in our chocolates, but
The answer is simple: Personal touch at each stage.
We are located in Jr. Martinez de Compagñon 1220 Tarapoto, San Martin, in the middle of the Amazon jungle and that helps us because we are so close to cocoa production. We receive the grain at our plant and select it, clean it and roast it at different temperatures depending on its origin. Then, the nibs obtained are refined at low speed, the product obtained is conched, tempered and molded. The same nibs are processed and pressed to obtain the butter that will be added in production. Finally, the product obtained is a single-origin bean-to-bar chocolate.

Chocolatería Tesoro Amazónico has been in business for 7 years, but Michele, the Chocolatier, has experience since 2008, both in Italy and in Ecuador and finally in Peru. We are a Chocolate Factory with Organic Certification and we have the HACCP Certificate. We have won several Gold medals with our products at the International Chocolat Awards in the Americas and worldwide. We are a company with a social vision, we do not believe that the farmer only has to be paid a fair price for his work, but to believe in what he does and make him believe in us. Together we are working to improve the already high quality of cocoa in the field, researching the best genes, implementing the innovations we have discovered together in improving its harvest, fermentation and drying. We grow together with our partners in the field, discover new horizons and find new treasures.


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