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11 Oct 2023

ANUGA 2023 was succesful after harvest time

SS Taris Incir Tskb (Taris Fig Union) Stand: 1931f
ANUGA 2023 was succesful after harvest time

FATMA BEHİT (Taris Fig Association Board Member): “Founded in 1915, Taris Fig Association is the most established cooperative organization of our country. We have been participating in Anuga for many years. As you know, we could not attend Germany because fairs were suspended around the world during COVID process. We export our valuable product, dried figs, to many countries in different parts of the world, especially Europe, the Far East, the Gulf countries and USA. We strive to make the best use of our dried figs, produced with great effort by our 4.000 producer partners, to ensure that our product receives the value it deserves. Anuga fair is our meeting point with our customers from all over the world. Apart from this, professional companies visited our stand this year, and since the date of the fair coincided with the new dried fig harvest, it was very suitable for us to make new connections. In general, it was a successful exhibition, we hope it will be beneficial for our country and our producers.”

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