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BETRIMEX Stand: 2981
Betrimex was recognized by the Asia Business Excellence & Sustainability Award (ACES) 2023 for our sustainability efforts

Ben Tre Import Export Joint Stock Corporation (“Betrimex”) was incorporated in Vietnam on 12 December 1976. Betrimex is a leading coconut food service and solution provider from Vietnam that offers a comprehensive “OEM & ODM – One-stop service” to its customers. Betrimex boasts an extensive product range that includes coconut water, coconut milk drinks, coconut cooking cream, virgin coconut oil, and desiccated coconut. Betrimex products are renowned and available in almost 70 countries across the globe. 

Betrimex’s business philosophy of “Zero Waste” supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. The organization’s sustainability strategy focuses on three pillars: Environmental (zero emissions, circular economy), Social (sustainable livelihoods for farmers, care for the local community and the next generation, and inspire healthy lifestyle to the local community), and Governance (digital system, corporate governance adhered to the standards of IFC and risk management system consulted EY).

Betrimex is committed to preserving the environment through innovative farming methods and modern eco-friendly production systems. To fulfill this pledge, they have invested in a cutting-edge production line and established organic-certified sourcing zones in Bến Tre, Vietnam, spanning 10,000 hectares of land. They aim to produce fresh and clean coconuts while maintaining a balanced long-term ecosystem. They have collaborated with farmers since 2015, encouraging them to switch to organic farming methods that comply with the Control Union’s global network of organic farming standards recognized in America and Europe. Organic farming is a natural approach that guarantees soil fertility, safeguards water resources, and minimizes environmental pollution while providing healthier produce for consumers.

At Betrimex, the long-standing partnership with coconut farmers is highly valued, and the organization is committed to providing them with farming equipment, training in organic farming techniques to sustain their coconut crop, and underwriting and procuring their produce directly from the farm. These policies aim to empower coconut farmers to unlock their potential and bringing healthy, high-quality products to consumers worldwide.

Betrimex is a true leader in the coconut industry, actively participating in conferences and events to spread awareness about coconut products. Their commitment to creating sustainable value chains is genuinely inspiring. In 2020, Betrimex partnered with Dr. Huynh Thai Nguyen of the University of Food Industry in Ho Chi Minh City to successfully process coconut jelly (nata de coco) from centrifuged coconut water. This revolutionary technology was then shared with local farmers, allowing them to produce the jelly themselves, reducing costs by 20-30% and improving the product’s quality to meet export standards. Betrimex’s dedication to innovation and sustainability is genuinely remarkable.

Betrimex recognizes the importance of its employees and regards them as the organization’s most precious resource. Intending to align the team with the organization’s goals, Betrimex conducted team-building sessions for all departments, benefiting over 900 employees. These sessions helped the employees better understand the organization’s core values. Furthermore, Betrimex expresses its appreciation by providing unique gifts to employees on special occasions. Betrimex is actively investing in the growth and development of its employees by providing them with expert-led workshops and training sessions. This commitment to learning and individual growth plans is an inspiring way to build a solid and knowledgeable organization.

The organization takes pride in positively impacting society, especially for those facing adversity. They have aided 100 women in the Bến Tre province and constructed over 90 homes for impoverished farmers. They also strive to empower students in Bến Tre by offering scholarships and opportunities for practical education in agriculture and production. Their ultimate goal is cultivating a skilled and sustainable workforce for the coconut industry, ensuring a brighter future for all.
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