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06 Feb 2024

New! Pioneering Pea Protein Ingredients Developed for IFE 2024

Novo Farina Ltd Stand: 1359
New! Pioneering Pea Protein Ingredients Developed for IFE 2024
Vegan Bolognese Recipe made with Quick Hydrate Pea Mince
New! Pioneering Pea Protein Ingredients ready for IFE 2024.

In response to the call for a quick hydrate, meat replacement ingredients suitable for a wide range of uses from Foodservice to Food Manufacturers, our NPD have produced 2 new products - Quick Hydrate Pea Mince and Quick Hydrate Pea Chunk. 

These allergen-free, clean-declaration pulse-based proteins are the first of their kind - revolutionizing the meat-replacement market. They can be added directly to the sauce to hydrate in as little as 5 minutes! Their ambient nature also means no freezer space is required, just into the pot, leave to infuse the flavours and serve - perfect for Recipe Boxes, Food-to-go or Street Food style solutions. 

We're the only British Manufacturer of Pea Protein Ingredients, our products are made of 100% Yellow Peas which are locally sourced and minimally processed to make meat replacement simple and sustainable. These are just two of the new products in our 2024 TVP Range. If you'd like to find out more, our expert team are happy to suggest recipes, product solutions and new product development opportunities. 

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