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Veganela Pistachio 45% spread - Enjoy your healthy diet!

FEEL FIT Stand: 3831
Veganela Pistachio 45% spread - Enjoy your healthy diet!
Enjoy your healthy, plant based diet with Veganela Pistachio 45% spread!

Feel FIT Veganela Pistachio 45% spread

Veganela 45% Pistachio is more than just an ordinary spread - it is a unique, vegan delicacy that is distinguished by its high content of healthy and delicious pistachios as well as the lack of added sugar. The specially prepared plant version of the cream delights with its creamy consistency and unique taste. It is not only a delicious addition to meals, but also a source of valuable minerals for health: iron, magnesium and zinc, which support the functioning of the heart, and vitamins B1 and B6, important for the functioning of the immune and nervous systems. Pistachios lower blood glucose levels. They are also important for eye health and rich in omega 3.

Our vegan treats do not contain milk, palm oil or sugar. These ingredients are commonly used in popular nut and chocolate creams. Unfortunately, dairy farming consumes large amounts of natural resources, and the cultivation of palm oil contributes to the deforestation. By consuming our creams from the VEGANELA line, including Veganela Pistachio 45%, you protect natural resources, care for the environment and your own health.

Main benefits

  • plant-based
  • no added sugar
  • no palm oil
  • 45% healthy pistachio
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