Banz Kofi

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Premium Papua New Guinea Coffee A writer once said "Banz Kofi is like no other coffee in the world.” The finest coffee has to go through the most precise process, beginning with the passionate farmer using the traditional methods without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides, continuing with the experienced coffee cherry procurer, moving on to the talented roaster, and ending with the craftsmanship of a perfectionist barista. As a premium coffee product, Banz Kofi selects only the finest Arabica Beans of Single Origin. High quality green beans are processed, roasted & packed on site in Mt. Hagen, located in the Western Highlands Province of PNG. Banz Kofi is the first Coffee Roaster in PNG that has acquired International HACCP accreditation and recognized as a True Pacific brand made from PNG for PNG and the world!


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