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Healthy eating should be easy and delicious. Berry Flirt instant smoothie is designed to get our daily 5 fruits& veggies easily, conveniently, and deliciously. Add the smoothie powder to water or milk and shake, your delicious smoothie is ready in 30 seconds. Berry Flirt instant smoothie is made of 100% of freeze-dried fruits & veggies, each of our single-use sachets contains 25.5 g of smoothie powder which is equivalent to about 160 g of fresh food and counts as 2 of your 5 a day. NO added sugar, NO additives, 100% organic ingredients. As Our product sachet is easy to carry and light-weighted, it could be used everywhere such as: -Home breakfast smoothie on-the-go -Gym post-workout smoothie -Workplace breakroom energy boost -Hotel room refreshment smoothie -Travel-must-have healthy boost -Coffee shop Grab-n-go smoothie -Healthy rebalance in fastfood restaurant -Outdoor smoothie (camping, trekking, etc)


United Kingdom
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