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  • | Vegan & Plant-Based
Plant based drinks producer in Spain. Flavor, texture and innovation makes the 3 remarkable areas of our products. We produce tigger nuts milk since 1971. By 2016, after years of investigation, we shook up our market by launching the first fresh and pasteurised tigernut milk, with the same taste, aroma and texture as the traditional artisan horchata.. At 2019 we did it again by packing it at take away cups, which spread it consume to new markets. With the same philosophy we have also been producing oat, almonds, rice and other plant based drinks, for both 3rd brands, multinational companies who found a flexible, quality and reliable partner at our company, and under our own brand "La·Ve·Vida". Plant based drinks served at take way cups, UHT, with a shelf life of 9 months, are not that easy to produce if you want to keep natural and delicious flavor, smooth and homogeneous texture and a natural labelling, to fulfill customer expectations leading to high turnover. This is our focus.


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