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Delikatesse S.r.l. was founded in 2000 from the passion and taste for ancient and traditional flavors of the brothers Michele and Raffaele Sessa, the only partners. The corporate headquarters is in Roccapiemonte, in the province of Salerno, about 15 km from the Amalfi coast and 20 km from ancient Pompeii. The company has an artisan laboratory for the production and processing of food products. Our products are manufactured with strictly traditional and artisanal methods without adding thickeners and with natural ingredients, almost all coming from farms in the Salerno’s province Delikatesse s.r.l. is aimed at a market segment of food excellence. The production includes both typical and organic products certified by CCPB of Bologna, exclusively in glass jars. The production laboratory is organized to meet both small and large order requests. Our daily production can reach up to 50,000 vessels. The products can also be packaged with the brand and packaging of the client.



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