Fidora Agricola

Stand: 3141g
Fidora family has been producing wines in Veneto region since 1927. In 1974, Guido Fidora started his pioneering organic wine production project and today, at its 4th generation, the winery is proudly carrying on with this philosophy in all of its estates. Now the land is farmed with biodynamic method and Demeter certification. Part of our Biodynamic philosophy is to have a living farm, where we both have plants and animals. 35% of the land is kept wild. Cows and laying hens are fed with our own crops and their manure is used to create compost for our soil. The farm does not only produce wines but eggs and pasta. All of Fidora products are made with our own biodynamic grapes, wheat and eggs. Products presented: Egg Pasta Tagliatelle Biodynamic Demeter Prosecco, Pinot Grigio, Valpolicella Biodynamic Demeter


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