Benlar Foods

Stand: 2741
  • | International Pavilions
The company’s vision is to grow a solid food and beverage brand by providing nutritious, healthy, and convenient foods to customers wherever they are. Benlar is now a rising star in the Prepared Foods and Agro Processing sector offering Ready-To-Cook and Ready-To-Eat food products to consumers. The core focus is to revolutionize Jamaica’s Agribusiness sector through product innovation and exporting of “Brand Jamaica” products. With a determination to take the concept of ‘we grow, we package, you eat’ to build a global brand, Benlar’s commitment is focused on producing and selling high quality prepared food products for the domestic and international markets. The company is a combination of cutting edge, high quality, efficient food technology and production and is committed to the improvement of great taste and excellent quality and nutritional value. The company’s mantra is to consistently create and deliver value to customers through innovation.


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