Gierlinger-Holding GmbH

Stand: 4619
  • | Chilled & Frozen
Premium cooked bacon: Our clients tell us "nobody produces cooked bacon that is so delicious, thin & crispy”. Our production, NPD & technical teams have looked to continuously perfect our bacon flavour, quality & yield over the past 20 years. Our continued pursuit of the perfect bacon rasher is our passion & our clients benefit. Steam cooked & roasted poultry: Utilizing the freshest raw materials from accredited EU suppliers ensures our steam cooked & roasted chicken breast fillet products are the best they can be. We use the latest production techniques & technologies to produce the very best products that the EU has to offer. Be it off-shelf or be-spoke we have the solution. Food on the Go: Whatever the requirement we have a solution – from Authentic Schnitzel to Skewers, Party foods to Kiev & Pork rib packs all cooked and conveniently packaged. Our group motto is "convenience like home-made" & all of our products are produced with true real care & attention to detail


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