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MOTTRA was established in 2002 as an ecological fish aquaculture farm in Latvia. In 2006 we received our first caviar. The fish itself was brought to Latvia from Astrakhan, Russian Federation - a capital of a best quality caviar. We breed the original fish species for sturgeon - Acipenser Baerii, Acipenser gueldenstaedtii and for sterlet - Acipenser ruthenus. We produce and breed our fish in RAS technology fish farms, use only an artesian water from 170m depth, the water filtration systems are - BIO filtration, that were created by our scientists, this is a Our unique patented technology that allows us not to use any antibiotics or chemicals to breed the fish. Also we do not use any GMO products. At the moment of time our farms cover an area of 31000 m2. We prepare our caviar using Old "Russian Tsar" traditions, combining it with new technologies and recipes that provide you an extra quality caviar, without any preservatives. Consuming MOTTRA caviar you will get a clear taste

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